Over a 1000 games in Harlow

Sport / Sat 30th May 2015 at 02:32pm

By Jake Sanders

STEVE Hannam is a name many wouldn’t have heard of, but this extraordinary man has just retired from Sunday league football having enjoyed a career that’s lasted 40 years.

The 47 year olds career has stretched over five decades in which he has made over 1000 appearances for several teams in various Harlow leagues.

Steve’s career began 40 years ago in the summer of 1975, when he was just seven years old. His first game was a friendly for Harlow United at Grange Paddocks in Bishops Stortford. Steve played centre forward and scored his first goal in a 2-2 draw. He went on to score an impressive 30 goals in his first season.

As Steve got older, due to his suffering of asthma, running became difficult. Because of this the only solution to continue playing was to become a goalkeeper. Steve said: “I’d never thought about playing in goal, I wanted to score the goals, not save them.” Despite being out of his comfort zone, Steve found out he was surprisingly good. He wasn’t worried about getting injured or hurt, “I had no qualms about diving at the feet of onrushing players, and injury never even crossed my mind.”

Over the years Steve has played for many teams. Peterswood, The Shark, Brookside Athletic, Harberts, Omega Netteswell, Barrett Rangers just to name a few.

Steve also managed to achieve the rare feat of playing in the same team as his three brothers for one season.

His final game was for Herald Rovers against Ashfield Albion at Passmores Academy on April 12th 2015. Despite finishing with a 5-2 loss, he did have a hand in his side’s second goal.

Steve Hannam has had a tremendous career winning his fair share of team and personals honours. He said: “I’ve enjoyed my footballing career. I won a few cups, a few league titles, and a few individual awards. I’ve even scored a couple of goals as a keeper, as well as making lots of saves and mistakes along the way.”

He ended by saying “I’ve enjoyed my footballing career. I’ll probably miss playing when the season rolls around in August, but I know that it’s the right time to go, while I still can.”

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