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News / Tue 2nd Jun 2015 at 02:00pm

Blog by Nishall Garala

ABOUT a week ago, I attended Harlow Rock School’s Lets Rock the Park, and I saw a prime example why young people with talent should be encourage, to build and work on the talent they have been gifted with.

Many young people say they have no talent, I must disagree, I think every single person has a talent whether is is discover or not. If a talent is not discover, we should encourage them to find it and use to their advantage.

Our duty as friends and family should be to ensure that all young people with any talent whether it is performing arts, writing or speaking. All young people can get to their potential if they are given the opportunities to develop their talent regardless of background or lifestyle.

Many young people are amazingly creative and inspiring in their talent and do so well to encourage other to find their talents a swell . When they are encouraged by working with skilled professional and given environments in which their learning can be fast tracked and their creativity can blossom, their ability to create new potential and surpass all expectations is breathtaking.

Young people around the world are facing the biggest crisis ever in terms of confidence and self-worth, more so than any previous generation. The pressure on our young people to be perfect, beautiful, intelligent, sporty, all-rounders, academic, fit in… is more than ever before. The pace at which conflicting information goes viral across the internet puts pressure on our young people to fit in yet stand out at the same time.

Not all young people are in the position to continue their talent to a high level. However, many funded projects aim to ensure that the nation’s most talented young people have access to these opportunities.

These young people are not only our future leaders, they are our future parents and role models. The pain and impact of low confidence and self-esteem has to stop we must say all talent is special and should be encourage to make our young people unique and something that other will aspire to be!

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