Harlow graduate gets job as a Political Assistant in office of Harlow MP Robert Halfon

Politics / Mon 8th Jun 2015 at 10:27am

Hannah Ellis
“I started off doing work experience in Robert’s office when I was just 16. There was a tube strike on my first day so I walked all the way from Liverpool Street to Westminster in the middle of winter because I was so determined to make a good impression!”

“I have been back to help out in the office every year since and also volunteered on Robert’s election campaign, so I guess you could say I’ve had the longest job interview ever! I am so happy to have been offered the job.”

“I come from a working class, Labour supporting family and when I first started working with Robert at 16 my mum even joked that she’d make me sleep in the garden if I became a Tory. Thankfully, she is now very happy for me and realises that working hard for Harlow is more important than my political affiliations! I couldn’t have done it without all her support.”

Robert was the first MP to have a parliamentary apprentice, he has now employed three apprentices from Harlow College to date, and hopes to be recruiting another in the next few months.

He said: “I am committed to helping to provide the best possible opportunities for young people, particularly in Harlow. This is why I am so pleased to have employed Hannah. Only recently we had another young constituent, Katie O’Connor, in for a week’s work experience who got to meet BBC Political Editor, Nick Robinson. I am also looking forward to employing my next apprentice.”

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2015-06-09 18:18:45

Robert deserves a lot of credit for this. It's a great example of where all 650 MP's could get together and commit to employing at least one, if not two young people in their offices. That would be 650 - 1100 new apprenticeships for young people, and I would think, would actually be something that might give them a good name for a change! Perhaps someone could have it as their private member's bill!

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