It is Early Doors at Red Lion at Potter Street

Harlow Playhouse / Wed 8th Jul 2015 at 03:23pm

Early Doors Potter
Join the regulars for tales of love, loss and laughter, live music and, you guessed it, a pub quiz. In a thoroughly uplifting celebration of community and pub culture, Not Too Tame take over their local boozer to bring you an original, immersive theatrical experience, fresh from their sell-out run at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe. Two pints of lager and a cracking little play ★★★★ (The Times)

This is not a play with a stage and an interval, but an hour long site specific experience in a pub with all the great qualities of a gig; energetic, unpretentious, electric and served best with a cold drink in hand! The young ensemble is engaging, the writing sharp and direction deft. A bravura, site-specific production ★★★★ (The Scotsman).

Not Too Tame’s aim is to create ‘theatre for all’ that everyone can take something away from. No set, no stage, no stalls, no elaborate lighting, they will be bringing the show to lively pub settings across the UK. Artistic Director, Jimmy Fairhurst, comments: We want to see regular theatre goers laughing shoulder to shoulder with people who may be put off by the traditional, rigid theatre set-up. These amazing spaces were built to house and entertain large groups of people and we’re using Early Doors to breathe life and public spirit directly into the heart of these communities. We are an incredibly passionate company; both about the work we create and how we engage the audiences we create it for.

So head on down to your local and, if you make it past the bouncer, grab a drink, nestle yourself among the regulars and dive headfirst into this exhilarating night out!

July 13th-16th
Red Lion Pub


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