Harlow Labour come out in support of cllr Forman

Politics / Wed 19th Aug 2015 at 07:13pm

A NUMBER of high ranking members of Harlow Labour Party have come out to condemn comments made towards cllr Waida Forman.

Councillor Jon Clempner, Leader of the Labour Group on Harlow Council said: “I was shocked to hear of the abusive and racist remarks that were directed to Cllr Waida Forman on Social Media, and I condemn them in the strongest possible terms. Waida has been a strong advocate of balancing the rights of all sections of the community, but some individuals have misrepresented her views, in an attempt to whip up community ill feeling or to make a political point.

“Whatever the differences in opinion, making threats, or resorting to the sort of abusive and racist language that has been directed at Waida is unacceptable. The Council alerted the Police to the remarks, who took the appropriate action, and made it clear they will not tolerate racist behaviour in any form”.

Charlie Cochrane, Chair of Harlow Labour Party said:

“Harlow Labour strongly condemns any form of racial abuse and were saddened to hear Cllr Foreman has been subjected to this on social media. Political debate and challenging the views of those in public office is an important part of democracy but this should never take the form of threats or abuse.”

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2 Comments for Harlow Labour come out in support of cllr Forman:

2015-08-28 22:16:14

It doesn't matter how much the Harlow Labour party tries to confuse the subject. One of their members openly supported the illegal encampments and the subsequent cost to Harlow tax payers. While cllr Clempner is available: what happened to the street lights? You have your money but I don't seem to have my lights!

chris s
2015-08-28 22:39:10

By supporting the illegal encampments within Harlow and the subsequent cost. The local Labour party needs to explain itself to Harlow residents; and who better to do that than the long established and committed Ms Stride......

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