Tories and UKIP shocked after Labour councillor uses “N-word” in meeting

News / Sat 26th Sep 2015 at 10:33am

HARLOW Conservatives and UKIP councillors were left shocked and angered by a speech from a left wing Labour councillor that used the racial slur “N*****” in his speech.

Mark Hall ward councillor, Danny Purton rose to his feet to propose a motion.

The motion read: “This Council condemns the racist language and incitement to aggression against Councillor Waida Forman by the leaders of the campaign against Travellers and offers the full support of the Council to any Councillor coming under such attacks”.

Matters took a nasty turn when cllr Purton directed a portion of the blame towards both Conservative and Ukip councillors and activists.

He then (as you can see from our footage) made a reference to an election leaflet distributed by UKIP in Mark Hall which apparently referred to “Traveller-loving Labour councillor” Cllr Purton then juxtaposed that leaflet with the infamous Smethwick By-election leaflet of 1964 which read: “Vote Labour, if you want a n***** for a neighbour.”

Both Conservative and UKIP councillors looked visibly shaken and angry. Sone Labour councillor also appeared uncomfortable.

The chair of Harlow Council, cllr Tony Hall intervened and, in no uncertain terms, reminded all councillors that “such language was unacceptable”.

Cllr Danny Purton was unrepentant and late held his speech aloft and said that everyone could have a copy so his words couldn’t be twisted. Conservative councillors pointed to the High Definition camera just a few feet away from him!

The motion was passed.

The motion starts at the nine minute mark in the film.

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