Abandoned cats found in Bush Fair

Communities / Sun 29th Nov 2015 at 02:43pm

TWO cats are recovering for after being abandoned in a sealed box without air holes in Bush Fair, Harlow.

The RSPCA is now looking after the male and female adult cats who were described as being “very thin and covered in dirt.”

The pair were found when a woman discovered a moving box buried in some bushes along a cycle path and decided to investigate.

A spokeswoman for the animal welfare charity said: “She found the box was tightly sealed with tape. She had to cut through the tape with a car key to get it ope and then a cat’s head popped out.

“The box was only just big enough for the two cats with no room to move. They were both very subdued and traumatised.

“By the way that the box was taped up and hidden in the bushes, whoever put the cats in there didn’t want them to be found. As the box didn’t have air holes cats would have suffocated and died.”

CatsThe Stort Valley branch of the RSPCA, based in The Stow, Harlow, took in the cats and they are now being nursed back to health.

The spokeswoman added: “Our vet described them as being very neglected. The female in particular was very dirty and smelt strongly of urine as if she’d been somewhere she couldn’t keep herself clean.

“They both had a flea allergy and the female had clumps of fur missing where she’d been chewing at herself to relieve the itching.

“They were looking sad and frightened.”

Marion Wellsman, the branch’s rehoming co-ordinator, said: “The cats were very thin. We put them into a cat pen and we will be getting them checked over.

“We have already had an offer to re-house them from a lady who lives in Warwickshire.”

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