Ofsted inspection rates Pearsons in Harlow as “Inadequate”.

AN OFSTED inspection into education provision at Pearsons in Harlow has rated the organisation as “Inadequate.”

The inspection took place between Dec 8th and 10th.

Pearson Education is based at Edinburgh Gate in Harlow.

Pearson PLC has approximately 80 members of staff on apprenticeship programmes based at five regional offices across the United Kingdom. Most apprentices are adults studying programmes in business administration and customer service, with two thirds at intermediate level and the remainder at advanced level. The employer changed subcontractor in September to a sister company, Pearson TQ, which provides apprenticeship training to employees.

Th key findings of the report are as follows:

1.Safeguarding arrangements are not effective; leaders and managers do not know if all apprentices are safe.

2. Too many apprentices do not complete their programmes successfully. The proportion of apprentices who achieve their qualifications within the planned time is too low.

3. Senior leaders have allowed the quality of the provision to decline significantly since the last inspection.

4. Leaders and managers do not use data well enough to monitor the performance of all groups of apprentices and aspects of quality of the provision, including that of subcontractors.

5. Leaders do not ensure apprenticeship provision meets funding requirements.

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