Embrace the first “Pay What You Can” season at the Harlow Playhouse

BOUND which is inspired by true accounts of human trafficking was the first Pay What You Can Season show at Harlow Playhouse and it was a complete success with over a 100 people through the door and 30% of the audience that had never been to Harlow Playhouse before. Harlow Playhouse is excited for the rest of the season and they have some great shows coming up.

The Pay What You Can Season has 9 first-class shows left available across a variety of productions and locations. This includes the critically acclaimed Confirmation which looks at confirmation bias and how we only choose to see evidence that proves us right; The Chairs developed by the UK’s leading blind and visually impaired theatre company which cleverly incorporates audio description into a show about an elderly couple frantically preparing chairs to welcome a procession of guests; Jonny and the Baptists five-time award-nominated musical comedy stars; Handle with Care a new immersive show about things we keep, their value and how they are represent our lives; Backstage in Biscuit Land a two-woman show that cleverly weaves comedy, puppetry, singing, and tics to explore spontaneity, creativity to exploring Jess Thom and her Tourette’s syndrome;

The Hogwallops a spectacular circus skills blend seamlessly with physical comedy, theatrical storytelling and slapstick in this chaotic and colourful tale of a family of misfits; Weekend Rockstars a show that is also a live gig with a pulsating soundtrack played by a company of actor-musicians who take you on a riotous journey; Work Play a show all about the games we play at work, and why we play them. Why tiny office incidents become the biggest things in the world, making epic battlegrounds across desks and stationary cupboards, when all we really need is a salary and of course Sh!t Theatre’s award winning show Women’s Hour a brilliant show, looking at the media portrayal of women in society.

Scott Ramsay, the theatre’s Director said “Being able to open the doors to as many people as possible and eliminating upfront costs, we are essentially removing any risk for the customer and allowing them to try new things”.

For more information on Harlow Playhouse’s shows please visit our website www.playhouseharlow.com or alternatively contact Jessica du Preez on 01729446739 or [email protected]

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