Speculation over new 150-room hotel in Church Langley

PLANS for a new 150-room hotel on the edge of a Harlow housing estate have been played down by local councillors.

YH understands that there are hopes that a hotel may open close to the Potters Arms pub in Church Langley, close to the Tesco supermarket.

Residents who have identified themselves as staff at Church Langley Primary School have let others know what they have heard of the plans.

However, a Church Langley councillor has let his constituents on the estate know that nothing has been submitted to Harlow Council to date. But if it does, he has
given “comprehensive advice” on what to do next.

If it goes ahead, the hotel would be at a key strategic point to the new Harlow Enterprise Zone.

It may also plug a gap in the demand for hotel accommodation in Harlow, a subject that has come up, time and time again in business meetings and seminars across the town.

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One Response to "Speculation over new 150-room hotel in Church Langley"

  1. Lcw   February 9, 2016 at 11:57 pm

    Demand for accommodation??? We have numerous hotels in and around Harlow; The Raddison, Holiday Inn, Travel Lodge, Premier Inn on the edge of Sawbridgeworth, The Oasis, Green Man, Manor Of Groves and Down Hall hotels are also only a short distance away. Are these hotels full every week/weekend? I for one didn’t think Harlow was such a tourist attraction and in need of another hotel???

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