Griffon Day Nursery at Latton Bush rated “Inadequate” by Ofsted

Politics / Wed 13th Apr 2016 pm30 02:37pm

A DAY nursery based at the Latton Bush Centre has been rated as ‘Inadequate” by Ofsted.

The government watchdog inspected the centre in March and published their report on April 13th.

The report stated:

Assessments of children’s learning are not carried out frequently enough to ensure that all children make consistently good progress. Furthermore, there are no systems in place to track children’s progress. Consequently, staff are not able to identify weaknesses in children’s learning.

There are no systems in place for supervision and performance management of staff. This means their ongoing development and training needs are not identified to ensure they continually update their knowledge and skills.

At times, staff do not support some of the younger children to learn to a good level. They do not always provide enough interesting activities and resources in the toddler room. This results in toddlers not being consistently engaged and interested in their learning.

The managers and staff do not identify weaknesses in practice through effective self- evaluation.

The report did highlight the following positive aspects.

Babies enjoy exploring the interesting, homely environment. They choose the toys they want to play with and investigate sound as they bang different objects together.

Children are confident and sociable. They warmly welcome visitors, pulling up chairs so visitors can join in the activities. Children demonstrate their communication skills as they engage in effective conversations with each other and with adults.

Pre-school children are developing good early writing skills. They draw pictures with precise detail and are very pleased to write their names by themselves.

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