Ward by Ward: Old Harlow-Will the Tories have it that easy?

Politics / Thu 14th Apr 2016 pm30 07:40pm

THIS ward has not alway been the total cakewalk of the Tories that you would expect.

In 2012, Muriel Jolles only won by 163 votes. She beat the hard working Tom Newens.
Joel Charles own by 316 votes in 2014. But that is no surprise. Joel is a very good campaigner and has a passion and zeal that comes cross o the doorstep.
However that was the year in which UKIP were in their pomp in Harlow.

BY 2015, Sue Livings had won by 1,275 (the Halfon factor played its part).

This time, veteran Mike Garnett is back on the election trail.

The Conservatives have neatly played the Junction 7a issue whereas others could have made more play at it. Thy have also kept the housing developments in check.

Labour have a very enthused local candidate in Eugenie Harvey. A first time candidate from Churchgate Street. Eugenie is aware of the uphill task but is really enjoying the challenge.

UKIP’s argument in Harlow is that a lot of Harlow houses are on sale in Russia but we are not sure that is hitting home with residents.

YT prediction: Cons hold: 400

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3 Comments for Ward by Ward: Old Harlow-Will the Tories have it that easy?:

2016-04-15 11:09:14

Strange it doesn't take alot of research, but the vast majority Internet hits to do with 7a show UKIP are leading the debate, even shows their FOI request.

2016-04-17 20:07:31

There’s a website dedicated to junction 7a. There’s a Facebook page dedicated to junction 7a. Both were created and launched in July last year by UKIP. It was UKIP who challenged Essex Highways on their public information data and they later admitted that it is in fact incomplete and inaccurate.

2016-04-18 14:38:01

Since it isn't Sue Livings fighting for re-election - might I suggest the title of the piece wrong and misleading?!

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