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Politics / Thu 21st Apr 2016 pm30 07:40pm

HARLOW is blessed (on all sides) with a large number of conviction politicians.

Waida Forman is very much a dedicated left wing politician and committed representative of the people. Waida is also a very loyal person and we were alway struck by her backing of people such as Ed Miliband when there were others who =se body language betrayed them.

In 2012, Waida Forman won by 280 votes and since then she has continued to be an advocate of her residents. She is going to be hard to shift. In 2014, whilst UKIP did well in other wards, they only got to within 191 votes of Labour. That may well be their best chance.

All we want to know is when are the potholes on Minchin Road going to be completed?

You alway felt that this was one of the wards that the Conservatives need to have a long run at. Give the same candidate a few years to have a go. Just a thought.

YH prediction: Lab hold

Waida FORMAN Labour Party
Alan LEVERETT UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Amanda MAISON The Conservative Party Candidate
Robert THURSTON Liberal Democrats

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2 Comments for Ward by Ward: Netteswell:

2016-04-21 21:18:40

Another Labour candidate who’s scant attention to her own promotional leaflet, prompts concern for residents. Her endorsement (or oversight) of a wholly inaccurate statement that the EU has supported local enterprises with “a massive £1 billion funding”. Britain does not receive funding from the EU. The EU gets it’s funding from Britain, from the British tax payer… from YOU!! We fund the EU around £50 million every day. So the next time some Labour hopeful tells you that the EU has funded a massive £1 billion to major projects in the area, you set her straight - It is Britain that funds the EU a massive £1 billion EVERY THREE WEEKS..!!

2016-04-24 09:44:19

Residents haven't forgotten cllr Forman's support for the illegal encampments that plagued our town.

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