Harlow Tory leader spearheads Vote Leave campaign in Harlow

Politics / Tue 17th May 2016 am31 10:16am

Vote LeaveFOLLOWING the official designation of the Vote Leave organisation as the Official Campaign to present the arguments for leaving the European Union on the upcoming Referendum on June 23rd, Conservative Group Leader, Cllr Andrew Johnson has been appointed Leader of the Harlow Vote Leave Campaign.

Stressing the importance of this not becoming a political bunfight Andrew Johnson said:
“I am delighted to have been appointed to this challenge for what is the most important decision we will all have to make, probably in our lifetimes. This is not a Conservative campaign. I have spoken to people from all the political groups in the town and organisations with no party affiliation. We are an open and inclusive campaign with one clear message. Whatever your politics if you wish to leave the EU, come and join our campaign and help put that message forwards”.

When asked about disagreements with the Conservative Party and the being at odds on this issue with the Town’s MP and members of his own group Andrew said:
“This is simply not an argument within my party – it is an opportunity for me to stand up and fight for my Country. I fully respect the position Robert Halfon has taken, but on this issue I respectfully disagree. I look forward to having healthy debate in the coming weeks as the people of Harlow begin to make up their minds”.

The Harlow Vote Leave have some important events coming up in the near future – on 21st May we will have our inaugural Town Centre stall as we officially launch the Campaign.

Harlow Vote Leave is also hoping to take part in a series of debates with the opposing campaign.
Andrew said:

“This is the first time the vast majority of people will have an opportunity to vote on this crucial issue that affect daily all of our lives. Of course we should have as much debate as possible and present the people of Harlow facts so that they can help make up their minds. We want debates – a series of them – it’s now down to the ‘In’ campaign to decide if they wish to participate, I hope they will”.

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