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Nishall Garala with the #BigUpHarlow Pop-up Banner produced by DCSR Marketing as sponsorship

Nishall Garala with the #BigUpHarlow Pop-up Banner produced by DCSR Marketing as sponsorship

By Eric White

NISHALL Garala, 20, of Waterhouse Moor, is asking the community of Harlow to get involved with his successful campaign called #BigUpHarlow.

Nishall has served on many local communities’ groups and panels such as Harlow Youth Council, Waterhouse Moor Residents’ Association, he currently volunteers for Harlow Police and was the Student Governor at Harlow College alongside many other roles he held within the town.

Nishall started the #BigUpHarlow campaign on Twitter in 2014, and over the years the campaign has grown at a fast rate with support from many people and organisations, such as Robert Halfon MP, Harlow Chamber of Commerce, Harlow Council and many other dignitaries and community groups within the town.

Nishall is now asking the residents and businesses of Harlow to get involved within the campaign to promote Harlow.

Nishall, who is extremely passionate about the community, said “The idea of #BigUpHarlow had been in my head for a long time, and now that it has been launched I can achieve my goal of changing the negative perceptions of Harlow that people have.”

He went on to say “There is so much good going on in the town and I think people need to know about it.”

Now that Nishall is studying Business and Management at Royal Holloway, University of London, he has used the help of Lorraine Perry and Alieshia Cross to help with the upkeep of the campaign.

Nishall said “I can’t thank Lorraine and Alieshia enough for all their help, it has been such a relief that they have been assisting me on the campaign because it would’ve been incredibly hard to run the campaign on my own away from Harlow.”

Nishall’s instruction to join the campaign has been described as ‘simple’ by many people.

The instructions are as followed ‘Find something good to say about Harlow, put the #BigUpHarlow on it and post it on to Twitter or Facebook.” #BigUpHarlow is primarily a Twitter based campaign, which people can follow @BigUpHarlow, however all the post from Twitter can be also been seen via the campaign’s Facebook Page.

The campaign is looking for posts regarding positive local news stories and events, what people enjoy about the town, what the hidden features people have discover, and anything that promotes the greatness of Harlow.

Nishall also added a message for everyone, “Harlow needs your help, #BigUpHarlow today and promote our town’s goodness.”

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