“More in Common” seeks to unify Harlow community

Politics / Tue 2nd Aug 2016 pm31 03:43pm

A statement by “More In Common”

IN Harlow we have a proud tradition of openness, fairness, tolerance and an embrace of different cultures, religion’s and races. At a time when many in our communities are anxious for the future we celebrate all that our different cultures have and do contribute to our community. The welcome we have given people in the past is something of which we can be proud, and which has enriched us all.

As members of different traditions we stand for love, fairness and compassion, and oppose intolerance in all its forms. Violent language leads to violent behaviour and we have many examples of this throughout the world today. We, members of the community in Harlow, are totally opposed to any who would seek to spread disharmony.

We believe that the lessons of history show that racism not only leads to fear and intimidation, but also destroys the very values we all hold dear. We pledge to work with all to seek a cohesive community that celebrates diversity, so that all may share in their common bond of humanity, liberty and fraternity. We will strongly resist anything that threatens this and so weakens our community. This is a time to be building bridges not walls, so that shared concerns may not breed resentment and hatred.”

Agreed by:

Rev’d Robert Findlay
Cllr Waida Forman
Rev’d Martin Harris
Cllr Lanie Shears
Rabbi Irit Shillor
Rev’d Barbara Aylett
David Forman, HarlowTUC Secretary
Cllr John Strachan
Pastor Dave Evans
Owen Jones, Hope Not Hate
Ron Kingsmill, Freshwaters Church
Cllr Jon Clempner, Leader Harlow District Council
Rev’d Christian Okeke
Mimosa Matoshi, ISS CEO
Rev’d Brian Surtees
Kerrie Eastman, street2home
Allan Jolley, HarlowTUC Chair
Cllr Phil Waite
Jade Shears
Bob Edwards
Danielle Kemm
Stephanie Thorpe
Tom Newens, Harlow Labour Party Secretary

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1 Comment for “More in Common” seeks to unify Harlow community:

2016-08-15 15:30:51

Whilst I'm sure most people, like myself, would agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments of the letter, I can't help thinking by only including Labour Politicians, it is a massive opportunity missed! We could have had the Conservative MP, MEP's and Councillors, UKIP MEP's and Councillors and members of other smaller parties like the Liberal Democrats, Greens and English Democrats on board with this with their signatures. As a result I'm left wondering what this is really all about?

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