Police bosses defend Essex Chief Constable’s salary

Politics / Wed 10th Aug 2016 am31 10:27am

THE POLICE and Crime Commissioner for Essex has set the record straight ton the salary of the chief constable.

Roger Hirst, Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex, said:

“I am aware of national media coverage of the remuneration and allowances of police Chief Officers, including Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh.

“The Chief Constable provides vital leadership for Essex Police. It is incorrect to state that his compensation has been rising rapidly in this time of austerity.

“The piece in the Daily Mail incorrectly stated that CC Kavanagh received ‘a pay rise last year of more than £26,000’. Stephen Kavanagh was appointed as Chief Constable of Essex Police on May 3, 2013, so his first year of employment was for 11 months. His second year of employment was for a full year, 12 months, and this accounts for the difference in salary. CC Kavanagh received a 1% increase to basic salary in September 2014 as per the Home Office’s Police Negotiating Board Circular 2014/13 (amended).

“The Mail article claims that ‘the Chief Constable’s total pay package last year was £237,000’. This is also incorrect. CC Kavanagh’s total remuneration, including salary and allowances is broken down as follows:


Actual payments 2015/16

Basic Pay £152,055

10% additional salary on appointment £ 15,205

Total Salary £167,260

Chief Officer Allowance, 15% of Basic Pay £ 22,808

Housing allowance £ 6,921

Total salary (including allowances) £196,989

Benefits in Kind (for use of car) £ 7,755

Car lease payments (made by CC Kavanagh) -£ 4,549

Total remuneration £200,195

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