GCSE results: Passmores Head Vic Goddard “So proud of our pupils”

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William TennisonONCE again Passmores is celebrating the culmination of five years hard work with our students and parents/carers. No two years are ever the same and it has never been more true than over the last few with the huge amount of change that has occurred. You simply cannot compare what a young person needed to do to get a certain grade this year to two years ago.

Our feelings about this year are best summed up by the letter each young person received with their results:

“Dear Class of 2016

The results contained with this letter form one essential measure of what you have achieved over your time at Passmores – the culmination of the partnership between you, your family and us. I hope with every ounce of me that you have achieved the results that you need and deserve. The last minute changes in your exam syllabus and the raising of grade boundaries, making it harder to get certain grades, means that you may well have performed better than students in the past but will get lower grades. Despite all this upheaval, we have all remained focussed on what it takes to get the grades you need and now we can all see how successful we have been together.

It goes without saying that these results are vital to your next step in life but they are not all that you are. Your ability to support and care for other people; the way that you function in a team; how you communicate; your ability to love and be loved, etc, will impact not only on what you achieve but also who you are. Many of you will go on to use the skills and talents you have acquired during the last few years to do amazing things. I am proud of you and our journey together and I ask that when you are starring in the West End or have your first art exhibition or start up your own business or go off to university or get the job you have always wanted or land the apprenticeship of your dreams, that you let us know. (You could always be joining one of the many ex-students that come back to Passmores as a member of staff.) I wish you the best of luck for your future. I will miss you and your year group as you have always embodied the old adage that ‘life is not a spectator sport’.”



English results are up 15.06% from 2015

A* A up by an impressive 17.49%. Almost 1 in 4 young people got an A/A* in an English GCSE


Maths results are up by 3.86% from 2015

Threshold (Students that got a C in both English and maths)

English and Maths Threshold 63%


5A*-C measure is up by 15.46% (49.16% in 2015 to 64.62% in 2016)

Those achieving 5 A* -A has also increased by 4.2% to almost 1 in 10 students achieving this. Alongside an increase in 5 A*-B of 13.55%, so over 1 in 3 young people got these higher grades.

A*-C has improved year on year with a 9% increase this year. (Overall A*-C in 2016 66.35% compared to 57.35% in 2015)

98% of students achieving 5 x A*-G Grades

Old Measures

5A*-C Inc. English and Maths 58.46% in 2016

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2 Comments for GCSE results: Passmores Head Vic Goddard “So proud of our pupils”:

2016-08-25 14:26:47

Well done t all the students at passmores Academy in bush fair for achieving good GCSE results. Well done to all the students from the other secondary schools Academis in Harlow for achieving good GCSE results. From Cllr Dan long and ukip Harlow.

2016-09-06 13:10:37

A fantastic example of what happens when a terrific Headmaster, and a hard working team work with dedicated pupils! Congratulations to all. Well done to all pupils on a great set of results!

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