“We have heard enough” Harlow public walk out on Essex Police meeting

Politics / Thu 22nd Sep 2016 pm30 05:33pm

Hirst PCCAS the only member of the press to attend the meeting, we will be honest and say it is never a great start when the police bosses tell you that the Essex Police and Crime Commissioner, Roger Hist will not be available for an interview afterwards as he is far too busy.

And that appeared to be half the problem for the police at this meeting. and may have been the reason that half way through, a number of the audience walked out telling the powers that be “We are off, we have heard this all before.”

The message from the audience was clear.

“You have groups of youths in Harlow who are making life miserable for a number of residents”.

“What happened at The Stow could happened any day at Staple Tye, the Town Centre, Bush Fair, Potter Street”.

“You have given the green light to so many low level crimes it is unreal.”

The list went on. Harlow councillor Stefan Mullard (Labour) was particularly impressive as he clearly got under Roger Hirsts skin.
A Roger Hirst who was clearly under-prepared and needed the always reliable chief superintendent, Sean O’Callaghan to dig him out of one hole.

The increasing use of special constables came up but one Harlow resident, who said he had served as a special for over twenty years poured scorn on the new plans.

A twenty minute segment of the meeting is below.

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2 Comments for “We have heard enough” Harlow public walk out on Essex Police meeting:

tony edwards
2016-09-22 22:17:39

The meeting was profoundly depressing - people told the police how distressed they were about the levels of threatening anti social behaviour throughout the town, and although they were listened to,and although it was tacitly acknowledged by the Police that they were under resourced - there was no promise of additional policing or funding or any clear plan as to how the Police were going to address the issues..

2016-09-23 15:20:04

The thing that annoys me more than anything was that Hirst and his equally useless predecessor seem to think Community Policing is old hat, yet that is EXACTLY what the electorate in the local community want from their Police Force more than anything else! The very reason I put myself up to be the UKIP candidate for the job, but lost out to the excellent Bob Spink. What really gets my back up though, is they are laying off PCSOs, closing Police Stations and claiming poverty and lack of money, whilst building a new £11m building in Chelmsford! Talk about getting priorities warped!!!

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