Letter to Editor: Disgust at Much Hadham councillor’s remark about Harlow

Politics / Mon 7th Nov 2016 pm30 03:03pm

This letter is in response to a report that Much Hadham parish councillor, Ken Twort, in a recent meeting said: “I don’t like Harlow and the only good thing about Harlow is leaving it.”

We have contacted cllr Twort for a comment but have yet to receive one.


Dear Sir or Madam,

I read with great disgust the comments during a recent meeting by Councillor Ken Twort regarding Harlow.

He apparently hates it and feels the best thing about it is leaving it.

I have lived and worked in Harlow for the last 43 years, raised my family here, and worked with thousands of it’s young people in my role as a secondary school teacher.

It is a fine place to live with a fine artistic element, lively theatre frequented by many from beyond Harlow, a lively town park, lots of open spaces and provides jobs and facilities for many tens of thousands. I have friends who live in Much Hadham and I know they frequent Harlow to use the hospital. leisure and shopping facilities to name a few and one of them has ways worked in the town.

Ken Twort’s comments are not only insulting but show to me a high degree of ignorance, even if he felt that way, it would have been prudent too keep his biased comments to himself.

I would hope very much that your Parish Council will distance themselves from his comments and if he is not man enough to apologise himself then they could do it for him.

I understand that he is an elected representative for the views of his parishioners. In this role, I feel he has very much let his fellow residents down.

Yours faithfully

David Summerville BA, DPSE, Cert Ed

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