Harlow Playhouse pantomime has “The Wow Factor!”

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beautyBeauty and the Beast

IT IS a special night at the theatre, if you sit open mouthed and say “WOW” once. So, you can imagine what it is like to have two “Wow” moments at the production of Beauty and the Beast at the Harlow Playhouse.

Audiences have come to expect professional productions. You always get that at the Harlow Playhouse. You get comedy, drama, great singing, colourful costumes. We had all that.

But this year they had two special things.

A circus. A living, breathing, fire-breathing, swinging, stunning, eye-popping circus. Audience members of all generations were left open-mouthed at the sheer skills of the circus. Led by Anna and Sergey Kuznetzov, they produced a series of wonderfully entertaining acts, displays and stunts.

And then there was the sleigh. A flying sleigh. Where were the strings? That was not the children just asking that but also the adults.

But we must not forget about the heart of the pantomime and once again, the Harlow panto did have a heart. Of course, they got the kids involved and managed to get the adult involved too but this was also a very professional production and so we must praise Jimmy Burton-Ilews for his wonderful Dame Harriet Houdeeny, Serena Mathew as Hope the Beauty snd the rest of the cast.

The music numbers form Chandelier to The Power of Love were great.

It was a packed audience on Saturday night, so we urge you to buy your tickets. You will not regret it. Your children will thank you for taking you to the panto. We took our family and they have not stopped talking about it!


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