Harlow Labour launch County Council manifesto

Politics / Mon 30th Jan 2017 at 03:29pm

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Harlow Labour launches County Council Manifesto promising to tackle potholes, parking and PCSOs

At its January members’ meeting, Harlow Labour launched its manifesto for the 2017 County Council elections to be held on May 4.

Labour commitments include;

– More police and PCSOs on the streets to curb anti-social behavior and keep our streets safe
– Opposing further cuts to the Fire and Rescue services – Harlow looks likely to lose our pump ladder
– Investing in street maintenance and pot hole repair – Harlow Labour estimates there are some 4,500 potholes in Harlow, causing costly damage to vehicles and threatening pedestrian safety
– Devolving grass kerb maintenance and street lighting to local communities. Only Labour-run councils have all night lighting across Essex
– Offering free bus passes and services for the elderly as well as for young people, helping them travel to training and jobs
– Working with Harlow residents to deal with local parking issues

The manifesto can be read in full here – http://www.essexlabour.org.uk/labour_group_launch_2017_manifesto

Speaking at the meeting, Harlow Labour Party Chairman, Charlie Cochrane said:

“We are proud of this manifesto which is a practical expression of the values and aspirations of the Labour party. The pledges it contains speak directly to the concerns of residents who want to live in a community which is safe and secure and which looks after its vulnerable members.

“Here we are thinking specifically of the elderly and those in poor health who are at risk by cuts and changes particularly to the NHS and our social care service. A Labour controlled county council would work with public sector organisations – police, fire, NHS, councils, schools, colleges to organise more effectively to make savings to invest in our public services

Harlow Labour Party’s candidates for the County Council elections are Tony Durcan and Karen Clempner for Harlow West; Mike Danvers for Harlow North and Eugenie Harvey for Harlow South East.

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2017-02-04 09:23:18

The electorate need to judge on previous performance and results, and I am afraid Labour in Harlow never produce the goods.

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