Harlow Labour slam budget: “A wholesale betrayal of the self- employed”

Politics / Sat 11th Mar 2017 at 03:25pm

“A wholesale betrayal of the self- employed” and “Industrial scale suffering due to social care cuts”; Harlow Labour Party responds to the Conservatives’ Spring Budget

Any of Harlow’s 9,000 plus self-employed residents who voted for Robert Halfon on the basis of the Tories’ promise not to increase National Insurance Contributions (NIC) before 2020, will be scratching their heads today in disbelief at this blatant broken manifesto pledge.

In yesterday’s budget, the Conservative Government hit self-employed workers on low and middle incomes for £2 billion, while doing nothing to clamp down on insecure employment and low pay.

Even the Tories’ own back benchers are calling for a reversal of the NIC increase which has been condemned across the political spectrum.

Labour Leader of Harlow Council, Jon Clempner said today; “The increase in National Insurance Contributions announced in the Budget represents a wholesale betrayal of the small business men and women who placed their trust in the Tories to create the conditions in which their businesses would flourish.

“It’s ironic that during the last election campaign, the Tories accused Labour of plotting to raise National Insurance Contributions ‘hitting hard-working taxpayers and costing jobs’ – and here they are doing just that.

“But when the Tories are boasting about the positive state of the Treasury’s finances in the future, the small business men and women of Britain will not have forgotten this broken promise.”

Also in yesterday’s Budget, the Tories announced an extra £2bn for social care over the next three years but this has been widely described as a “sticking plaster”.

Mike Danvers, Labour County Councillor for Harlow North said: “While spending on social care must be welcomed a contribution of £2 billion will not reverse the £5 billion cut that the service has suffered since 2010.

“Anyone who has interacted with the service in that time knows that the consequence of this cut has been to downgrade the provision of care so that we are now seeing industrial scale suffering the length and breadth of the country.

“The Chancellor’s £2 billion will not give services to the 1.2 million people who have been rationed out of the system and it won’t ease the burden on millions of unpaid older careers who are working 24/7 to look after their loved ones.”

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