Harlow Council ask: Together we can, keep Harlow tidy

News / Sat 18th Mar 2017 at 08:23am

HARLOW residents volunteered to help tidy up Harlow as part of the Great British Spring Clean (3-5 March 2017).

Over 130 bags of litter were collected along with other dumped items such as a computer, a vacuum cleaner and children’s toys. Harlow Council thanks all who took part for your amazing efforts and for taking pride in your town. You are Harlow’s Litter Heroes.

Unfortunately, unless the minority of people change their habits and take pride in their town this litter and dumped rubbish will soon build up again. Keeping Harlow tidy involves us all doing our bit.

HTS (Property & Environment) Limited will continue to pick up litter, dumped rubbish and dog mess as well as scrub out graffiti, remove abandoned vehicles and empty bins.

And this is what residents can do to help the Council:

· Use one of the town’s 450+ litter bins or take your litter home.

· Always clean up after your dog (dog mess in bags can be put in any litter bin).

· Tell us about issues so we know where and what needs our cleaning attention. You can report litter, dog fouling and dumped rubbish and lots of other things at www.harlow.gov.uk/report

· Let us know about those messing up Harlow so we can take action against them. You can also do this at www.harlow.gov.uk/report

· Use our services like the Heavy Squad (all electrical items are collected for free). You can book a collection at www.harlow.gov.uk/book

· Continue to let us know your views and comments so we can improve our work to clean up Harlow.

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1 Comment for Harlow Council ask: Together we can, keep Harlow tidy:

2017-03-18 09:31:58

I would like to say well done to everyone who volunteered to clean up Harlow. I praise anyone who put their own time in, to keep Harlow looking clean. But one thing. Where is the council when it comes to keeping Harlow clean. These Harlow residents are paying extra council tax this year,thanks to the Labour administrating party putting i and as I said in council on that night. The money that the Harlow residents pay in Council Tax shoukd being going towards our number one priority and that is the people of Harlow and the services of Harlow. Such as keeping Harlow clean. Which is obviously clearing isn't. But again well done to all the residents for volunteering to clean Harlow up. From Cllr Dan Long

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