Letter to Editor: Labour politician praises Essex Chief Constable

Politics / Wed 22nd Mar 2017 at 12:06pm

Dear Editor,

‘My congratulations go out to the Chief constable and all his staff, particularly those officers and police staff who are on the front line of tackling crime in Essex, for the recent HMIC report which grades them as ‘good’ for police effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy.

As I said during my campaign to be Essex Police and Crime Commissioner last year, the officers and staff of Essex Police force work extremely hard under ever difficult circumstances and they deserve the highest praise for this.

However, to many people across Essex this recent report will seem like empty words. Having continued to campaign across Harlow, following last year’s election, I know how concerned that people are about the cuts in Front line police officers across the county. People feel afraid and recognise that it’s the lack of the Police in our communities that are to blame for this.

Once again I thank the Police Officers and staff, as well as Stephen Kavanagh, for their dedication to their duty. However, we cannot pretend that this report means ‘everything is okay’ and that Essex Police Officers and staff, who are over worked and undervalued, do not need extra funds and extra support.

Chris Vince
Labour’s PCC candidate for Essex in 2016

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2017-03-23 15:29:30

Gosh! I wonder who is fishing around after the Labour 2020 Harlow Parliamentary Candidate nomination then.....!

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