Harlow Gymnastics Club success at Regional Finals

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2017 NDP Essex Regional Grades Finals 12th & 19th March 2017

Sadie Jessey and Olivia Collier took pride of place among Harlow Gymnastics Club at the Essex NDP regional grade competition in Colchester. Sadie Jessey (12) won the trophy and overall gold medal with a distinction in the Grade 1 age 13/14 event after placing 1st on vault, bars, beam & floor and 2nd on range & conditioning (R&C). Stewards Academy student Olivia Collier (15) was awarded the trophy and overall gold medal with a distinction in the Grade 1 age 15+ competition after placing 1st on beam, 2nd on both floor and R&C and 3rd on both vault & bars.

Further medal joy in the grade 2 age 14+ event with St Mark’s student Charlotte Brough (15) earning a distinction and the overall silver medal after placing 1st on R&C and 2nd on vault, bars, beam, floor. Teammate Aisha Jones (14) was commended and awarded overall bronze medal in the same event after placing 3rd on R&C, vault, bars, beam and floor.

The final medal for the club was received in grade 6 age 9/10 event by Selene Virga (8) who won a distinction and overall silver medal after placing 1st on vault & bars, 3rd on R&C and on 4th beam.
Sadie, Olivia, Selene, Charlotte & Aisha will go on to compete for Essex in the East Region Competition next month.

All 30 club gymnasts passed their respective grades in the county event, competing against over 250 gymnasts from all the top flight clubs in Essex.
There were outstanding performances in the Grade 3 age 13+ event from the 16 year old Andrews Clark twins. Halle placed 2nd on vault & R&C, 3rd on floor finishing in 6th place overall, with Taylah placing 3rd on beam and 7th overall. Both earned distinctions

Further joy as the myriad competitors in the grade 5 events were of an exceedingly high standard. Notable performances in the grade 5 age 9 event from Millie Lynch (8) placing 3rd on bars and Amelia Harrington (8), Sadie Cooper (8) and Summer Dolan (9) who all earned distinctions and placed 11th, 8th, 15th and 19th overall respectively. Commended in the same event were Miley Bex (8), Amelia Palmer (8), Ruby Barker (8), Eloise Moulds (8), Ellie Hodges (8), Alex Gronert (8), Honey Gillick (8) and Mia Fuller (8). Distinctions in the Grade 5 age 10/11 event for Olivia Williams (10), Aimee Cullen (9), Megan Spencer (10), Ruby Curley (10) who place 9th, 14th, 15th & 16th overall. In the same event Annabelle Garrett (9) and Skye Girolami (9) were commended.

In the grade 6 age 8 event, distinctions were earned by Lois Covill (7) and Amy Abery (7) who place 14th and 18th overall respectively. Commended in the same event were Leah Sackett (7), Calleigh Brownjohn and Grace Hoskin (7),

All Results

[D] = distinction, [C] = commended, [P] = pass

Grade 1 age 13/14

Sadie Jessey (12) [D] overall gold medal/trophy, 1st vault, bars, beam, floor, 2nd R&C

Grade age 15+

Olivia Collier (15) [D] overall gold medal/trophy, 1st beam, floor, 2nd R&C, 3rd vault, bars

Grade 2 age 14+

Charlotte Brough (15) [D] overall silver medal 1st R&C, 2nd vault, bars, beam, floor
Aisha Jones (14) [C] overall bronze medal 3rd R&C, vault, bars, beam, floor

Grade 3 age 13+

Halle Andrews Clark (16) [D] 2nd vault, R&C, 3rd floor, 6th overall
Taylah Andrews Clark (16) [D] 3rd beam, 7th overall

Grade 5 age 9

Amelia Harrington (8) [D] 6th on bars, 7th on vault, 8th on beam, 8th overall
Millie Lynch (8) [D] 3rd on bars, 7th on beam, 11th overall
Sadie Cooper (8) [D] 6th on beam, 9th on vault, 10th on R&C, 15th overall
Summer Dolan (9) [D] 6th on vault, 7th on bars & 19th overall
Miley Bex (8) [C] 23rd overall
Amelia Palmer (8) [C] 24th overall
Ruby Barker (8) [C] 25th overall
Eloise Moulds (8) [C] 26th overall
Ellie Hodges (8) [C] 27th overall
Alex Gronert (8) [C] 28th overall
Honey Gillick (8) [C] 29th overall
Mia Fuller (8) [C] 30th overall

Grade 5 age 10/11

Olivia Williams (10) [D] 9th overall, 6th vault, 7th bars, 8th R&C, 9th floor, 10th beam
Aimee Cullen (9) [D] 14th overall, 7th beam
Megan Spencer (10) [D] 15th overall, 6th R&C, 10th vault
Ruby Curley (10) [D] 16th overall, 10th vault
Annabelle Garrett (9) [C] 18th overall
Skye Girolami (9) [C] 21st overall

Grade 6 age 8

Lois Covill (7) [D] 14th overall
Amy Abery (7) [D] 18th overall
Leah Sackett (7) [C] 22nd overall 6th on vault
Calleigh Brownjohn [C] (7) 23rd overall
Grace Hoskin (7) [C] 24th overall

Grade 6 age 9/10

Selene Virga (8) [D] silver medal overall, 1st vault, bars, 3rd R&C, 4th beam

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