Tories triumph in Harlow at Essex County Council elections

News / Fri 5th May 2017 at 12:46am

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IT was a triumphant night for Harlow Conservatives as they wiped the board in the three Harlow wards at the Essex County Council elections.

ThE Labour vote went up by 4% but the Conservative vote went up by 17%.


The vote was as follows:

Harlow North

Name of Candidate Description Number of votes
Michael George Garnett The Conservative Party2,512 ELECTED
Michael Ralph Danvers The Labour Party 2,036
Lesley Anne Rideout Liberal Democrats 379

Turnout: 29.10%

Four years ago, Labour gained 1,637 votes. But that year, there was a UKIP candidate who polled 1,147 votes. With no UKIP candidate, it appears that many went over to the Conservatives, who polled
1300 more votes than four years ago.

Harlow South East

Name of Candidate Description Number of votes
Eddie Johnson The Conservative Party 2,468 ELECTED
Eugenie Harvey The Labour Party 1,495
Christopher Robins Liberal Democrats 293

Turnout: 28.71%

Four years ago Labour polled 1,325 votes, so again there number of voted have gone up (By 170) but in 2013 UKIP polled 1254 votes. With no UKIP candidate, it looks like the votes went to the Conservatives as there vote increased by 1,162 from 2013.

Harlow West
Name of Candidate Description (if any) Number of votes

Michael Edward Hardware​ The Conservative Party 3,940 ELECTED
Clive Thomas Souter​ The Conservative Party 3,802 ELECTED

Karen Elizabeth Clempner​ The Labour Party 3,457
Tony Durcan The Labour Party 3,315

Hannah Ellen Clare​ Green party 561
James Richard Aicken​ Green Party 405

Christopher Millington​ Liberal Democrats 297
Robert Keith Thurston​ Liberal Democrats 248

Turnout: 28.25%

Two Conservatives gains. And again, the Labour vote has gone up. Karen Clempner gained 663 votes and Tony Durcan increased by 540 votes. And, for the third time, it looks like the UKIP votes have transferred over to the Conservatives. In 2013 they polled 3,623 votes but in 2017 they polled 7,742.

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