UKIP candidate hits out at Halfon-Stopplecamp “love-in”

Politics / Thu 18th May 2017 at 12:21pm

RESPONDING to the Halfon and Stopplecamp “Love In” press statement today, UKIP parliamentary candidate for Harlow, Mark Gough described it as “rather hollow”.

Mr Gough said: “Just because Sam Stopplecamp has suddenly done a massive 180 degree U-turn about Robert Halfon and his record – why do either of them believe that the residents of Harlow should now develop selective memories as well?

“As a resident of Harlow myself for some 44 years, I find it rather insulting frankly! Everyone knows Robert, and the other three candidates in this General Election voted to Remain. The only true Brexiteer on the ballot paper for the 68.1% of Harlow Residents who voted Leave in the EU Referendum to support – is me.”

“I also find this particularly strange”, said Mark, “when you consider at the 2014 Local Election Count the two of them had to be separated from coming to blows, because of the disgusting things Robert had said in an interview with the Parliamentary Magazine ‘House’. This resulted in hundreds of UKIP Activists flooding into Harlow for a massive action day.”

“In fact so pro-Remain was Robert that he wrote an article for the Daily Telegraph, in an attempt to encourage others to vote Remain too!”.

Mark continued, “In fact Robert was utterly shameless in his pursuit of a Remain vote. Many residents will remember how we suddenly got Polish police on our streets as a result of the tragic death of Arkadiusz Jozwik in the Stow.

“Yet now Robert says his heart said “Leave”, but his head said “Remain” – but if he was really that torn – why not ask the people of Harlow – who are his boss – how they wanted him to vote in the Referendum? We in UKIP believe in holding online referendums of the people on key issues – why did Robert not do that?”

Mark went further, “His sudden Brexit conversion is not his only U-turn either. He backed out of an appearance on the Daily Politics about Hospital Parking charges because George Osborne rang him with a job!

He has a sudden conversion to liking Grammar Schools. Scrapping Hospital Parking Charges and promoting Grammar Schools were of course in the 2015 UKIP General Election Manifesto, and have long been UKIP Policy.”

Mark concluded, “It is clear UKIP is needed more than ever to keep the Tories on track with the Brexit people voted for, together with a stronger commitment on the NHS, mental health and social care, getting our funds back from the EU, controlled immigration, regaining our fishing waters, cutting the overseas aid budget, scrapping wasteful projects like HS2, whilst helping the needy forced to use foodbanks and suffering the nasty Bedroom Tax.

“At this General Election the choice is clear – a true Brexiteer and Farage storm-trooper to hold the Conservatives to account, or a Tory “yes man” who will approve any deal he’s told to.

“I think my fellow Harlow residents are cleverer than that, can decide for themselves who is honourable and who is not – and I urge them to put their mark for Mark on Thursday 8th June, and send the Conservatives and their leader a message – Harlow voices matter!”

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2017-05-18 13:47:39

It was disgusting the way the tragic death of Mr Jozwik was used following the referendum result.

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