Three good reasons for voting Lib Dem in Harlow…….and then some!

Politics / Tue 6th Jun 2017 at 07:06pm

THREE good reasons for voting Lib Dem in Harlow…….and then some!

A final message from the Harlow Lib Den candidate Geoff Seeff.

1. Lib Dem policies on health are aimed at keeping people out of hospitals and relieving the pressure on the NHS rather than simply spending more money shoring it up. One penny in the pound on income tax will raise £6 billion of which £1 billion will be allocated to funding services for mental health, too long sidelined by Labour and the Tories.

2. Lib Dem policies on education are aimed at ensuring young people, from the earliest age, are inculcated with a desire to learn rather than simply pass examinations. We will extend free child care, unlike the Tories retain free school dinners for primary school children, triple the very successful pupil premium we pioneered when in government and bring back maintenance grants. Promises by Labour to abolish tuition fees for universities and cancel student loans has not been thought through (what about those who have repaid the loans since Labour first introduced them?)

3. The result of the referendum on staying in the EU was an instruction to commence negotiations to leave. It is only right that if and when the negotiations are concluded the deal is referred back to the electorate for a final decision. They will know what they are voting for this time. If you are a “remainer”, have doubts about the process or the likely outcome of negotiations, then only a vote for the LibDems will reflect your concerns and strengthen the case for a second referendum..

And for good measure here is a fourth reason. In Jeremy Corbyn Labour is “led” by the worst “leader” in its history – a man who has failed to support its policies throughout his career and who, along with others on his front bench, has given succour to terrorists such as the IRA and Hamas. Most of the parliamentary Labour party does not want to work with him and Phil Waites, your local candidate, has not even put his name or face on his election address. In Theresa May the Tories have the worst leader in their history – a woman who has opportunistically “flip-flopped” between policies until she doesn’t know where she is – and we know where she is not, which is debating with other party leaders. She was a well informed enthusiastic, not reluctant, remainer; she wasn’t going to call an election; she forgot to read her 2015 manifesto on the matter of raising national insurance and dropped the “dementia tax” within 24 hours of its announcement. Can you trust this person to lead the nation at this critical time?

People often tell us that they would vote LibDem if they thought we could win. Well, in Harlow you have a choice and, if you vote for us, we will win. Our candidate is Geoff Seeff, an experienced businessman and politician with “his feet on the ground”, who believes in an open, fair and tolerant society and wants the UK to be outward facing in its relationships with rest of the world. That in itself seems like a good reason to vote LibDem.

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