GE17: Robert Halfon holds Harlow seat

News / Fri 9th Jun 2017 at 04:06am

Halfon Vicotroy

ROBERT Halfon has been returned as Harlow MP to hold the seat for the Conservative Party.

Mr Halfon polled 24,230 votes to win 54 per cent of the vote share – the first time he has secured more than 50 per cent.

Following the win, Mr Halfon said: “It’s a huge honour to be serving the people of Harlow again. I’m really touched that the people of Harlow have elected me. It is my fifth election here and my vote has gone up.

“I try and work hard for Harlow, I love Harlow, I champion Harlow. The priorities I set out in the campaign to build an even better Harlow and cut the cost of living; to cherish our villages; and to champion apprenticeships and education; and to protect our NHS, I’ve stood by those as my key themes through the campaign.”

Mr Halfon said it had been a tough campaign: “It’s been seven weeks and I’ve been doing 18 hours a day. I’ve been out on the roadside every day.”

He said he would campaign for a new hospital as well as fight for much-needed affordable housing and the regeneration of the town centre.

In second place was Labour’s Phil Waite, who polled 17,199 votes. This was up on the 13,273 votes Suzy Stride received in 2015.

After the result was declared Mr Waite said: “It’s been an interesting journey. Eight weeks ago I was not expecting to be here tonight and none of us had expected for this election to be called especially because of the promises of the Prime Minister that it wouldn’t.

“However, we are here and I think it’s going to be an interesting night as to what the outcome of the rest of the country is.

“I just want to thank my wife; thank all of my campaign team you’ve all been amazing; the people that came from outside the town; and the young people who have got involved in the campaign – it’s been amazing. It’s been a journey and I’ve loved every second of it and hopefully we’ll be here in another six months of so.”

Coming in third with a hugely reduced per cent of the vote for the party was UKIP’s Mark Gough. He received 1,787 votes compared to the party’s 7,208 votes in 2015.

Lib Dem Geoff Seeff was in fourth with 970 votes and the Green Party’s Hannah Clare received 660 to finish fifth.


Robert Halfon (Cons): 24,230
Phil Waite (Lab): 17,199
Hannah Clare (Green): 660
Geoff Seeff (Lib Dem):970
Mark Gough (UKIP): 1787

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