Leading Professor spreads the word on #last1000 days at PAH

Communities / Fri 23rd Jun 2017 at 11:20am

THE PAH welcomed world renowned Professor Brian Dolan, who visited A&E and other wards, to talk about his ground breaking work on

Highlighting his #last1000days campaign, Professor Dolan presented to the trust board then met with key clinical staff around the site.

The Last 1000 Days campaign is a vehicle for drawing attention to patients’ time and asking the question “If you had 1000 daPAH Loganys left to live how many would you choose to spend in hospital?” It is widely recognised that the elderly, the chronically ill, and those with life limiting conditions are the same people who spend the most time in healthcare settings. These are the very people who have the least time to waste.

Professor Dolans’ work is being incorporated as part of a new initiative at PAH, Red2Green, which began at the beginning of the year. Red2Green operationalises the last #1000days to get patients closer to the place they call home. It respects patients’ time as sacred and the days they spend at home as both an outcome and goal.

Over the next couple of weeks the hospital will roll out #endPJParalysis campaign which looks to getting patients up and about and out of their pyjama’s as soon as they are able to in order to improve recovery.

Professor Dolan said: “While the [PAH] hospital buildings may be a little tired, the staff are full of energy, kindness and warmth towards patients. Everywhere I went, staff were full of desire to make it better and it’s blessed with great clinical leadership.

“I’ve been lucky enough to know Chief Nurse Professor Nancy Fontaine from our emergency nursing days and she is a highly respected nurse leader’s nurse leader and I know how proud she is to work in PAH too.”

Richard Hammond, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, PAH said: “It was a privilege to have Professor Dolan visit the hospital, his expertise and insight into patient care is both informative and enlightening. His enthusiasm and compassion for patient care is what our staff strives for.”

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