Harlow MP Robert Halfon sets record straight over public sector pay vote

News / Tue 4th Jul 2017 at 03:30pm

Robert Halfon March 17

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has urged the government to do more over public sector pay.

Mr Halfon faced a great deal of criticism after Conservative and DUP MPs succeeded in voting down an attempt by Labour to reverse the long-standing freeze on public sector pay.

Public sector workers have had their pay rate frozen at 1% since 2010 and Labour had tabled an amendment to reverse this.

MPs from the Conservative party and DUP voted down the motion by 323 votes to 309.

Some Conservatives said they opposed the cap in theory, but they said they would not vote for the Labour motion.

Robert Halfon said: “I do support a public sector pay rise, particularly for lower income workers and I am urging the government to do more.

“The Labour amendment would have changed nothing as these things are decided in the budget next year and are immaterial to the Queen’s speech.

“The Government has said that independent public sector pay review bodies are making recommendations to the Government and they will respond later in the year.

“I believe that public sector workers have made a huge sacrifice to deal with the legacy left by the Labour Government when the country was left on the verge of bankruptcy.

“Whilst public sector pay rises are important, the Government has to also manage a difficult economy and deal with the economic debts of the country.”

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