Letter to Editor: Labour betray referendum result

Politics / Mon 4th Sep 2017 at 04:43pm

Dear Sir,

Labour betray Referendum Result

Last year nearly 70% of voters in Harlow, on an very high turnout, voted to leave the European Union. In June this year, on the Andrew Marr show, the deputy leader of the Labour Party said, “Let’s be clear, we are respecting the decision of the referendum.”

But just last week, the Labour leader said we need to stay in the single market.

This just goes to show the utter contempt in which Labour hold the voters of Harlow, riding roughshod over the democratic process, and that Labour cannot be trusted. Remember the abolition of tuition fees – or not? Now a massive U-turn on taking this country out of the European Union and getting back our borders and our laws.

On September 28th the voters of Toddbrook will have the opportunity to give their view on Labour’s incompetence in running the council, and being able to trust the national party. From the response on the door step it’s not looking good for Labour.

Peter Lamb

Conservative Candidate for Toddbrook.

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2017-09-07 09:58:09

Unfortunately, many people are waking up to the likely economic damage resulting from leaving the single market. A majority of businesses affiliated to the Confederation of British Industry see tariff-free access to the single market being essential to future growth prospects. Some of those voting to Leave may now be having doubts about the wisdom of their actions, but it is undoubtedly true that the majority of all those who voted either way want to see our exit concluded swiftly. Tory clowns like Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson have only managed to antagonise our European partners and make negotiations more difficult, while Theresa May's unwise snap election just delayed matters even further after an already shocking 9 months delay in delivering the Article 50 exit notification. So the Conservative party is split on the issue, just like Labour and just like the United Kingdom as a whole, which is not such a great surprise. The real division in Labour is between the Parliamentary Labour Party and the rest of the members. The PLP is dominated by Blairites who are wedded to big-business interests and in true opportunist fashion see Europe as yet another opportunity to cause difficulties for Jeremy Corby. But if you want some villains to blame, then Boris Johnson and Michael Grove spring to mind. They saw the EU referendum as a way to stake their claim for the party leadership and saw highlighting immigration and more money for the NHS as opportunities to boost support for the Leave campaign. The real problem is that Johnson's merry band never expected to have to make good on the deal, which explains their faffing about in negotiations and tawdry insults. More importantly, what happened to the extra £350 million per week for the NHS? NHS staff are being tied to insulting 1 per cent pay 'rises', bursaries for trainee nurses scrapped and chunks of the NHS estate being flogged off in a Sale of the Century. It all goes to show you can't trust the Conservatives.

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