Harlow Conservatives question suitability of Labour candidate for Toddbrook By-election

Politics / Tue 12th Sep 2017 at 11:00am

Tony Edwards

HARLOW Conservatives have today questioned the behaviour and suitability to serve of the Labour candidate for the Toddbrook by election, after it emerged that he was the man who disrupted the general election hustings earlier this year.

Worrying the labour party have felt it appropriate to choose as a candidate for council, a man who was recorded on film shouting and screaming at the parliamentary hustings, constantly overtalking and being rude to the Chairman of the event.

At one point in the hustings Edwards brought proceeding to a standstill with a full on shouting match with the Chairman. After the audience had backed the Chairman in dealing with the rude and abusive Edwards and forced him to leave the Chairman said to the crowd “I thank you all for helping to bring discipline to the meeting”

Peter Lamb, Conservative Candidate for Toddbrook said: “It’s a real shame that Labour are backing a candidate that has so little regard for the chairmanship of a public meeting. I wonder if he would respect the Chairmanship and democratic functions of Harlow Council if elected?”

Cllr Andrew Johnson – Leader of Harlow conservatives called on Edwards to sign a formal pledge that he would respect the Chair and Chamber if he was elected. Speaking about it he said “That sort of disgusting misbehaviour is not what anyone wants to see of their elected officials. Mr Edwards needs to pledge that if he is elected he will respect the authority of the Chairman and not disrespect the chamber.

“If he has no respect or decent behaviour in a church and speaking to a reverend then he has no place in local politics, the least we can expect from political candidates is a basic level of civility. Labour should be ashamed to be backing such a candidate.

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