Athletics: From Patagonia to Kazakhstan

Athletics / Tue 19th Sep 2017 at 10:31am


HARLOW Running Club member Andy Kinney travelled to opposite ends of the world
during the last two weeks to compete in two races. Two weeks ago Kinney
travelled to Chile to compete in the Patagonian Marathon. With spectacular
scenery, a backdrop of the snow capped Andes, but having to contend with storm
force winds on the second half of the 26 mile race he finished in 144th place
out of 153 finishers in a commendable 6hrs 23min 17sec.

Then last weekend Kinney completed the Astana Half Marathon in Kazakhstan,
finishing in 495th place out of 540 finishers in 2.35.55.

Meanwhile, closer to home, at the Richmond Marathon Martyn Coulter finished in
98th place out of 835 finishers in 3.26.52, a personal best time for the
distance (PB) by 18 min.

Also at Richmond in the Half Marathon visually impaired runner Paul Watts
finished in 1114th place out of 2606 finishers in 1.58.24.

At the Hatfield Forest Trail Half Marathon Craig Segal finished in 6th place out
of 352 finishers in an excellent 1.28.38. He was followed by Rich Hynes 11th in
1.32.26, Sam Carter 39th in 1.44.52, Vicky Steadman 107th in 1.58.14, Saira
Muschamp 148th in 2.02.43, Martin Elven 208th in 2.11.08 and Hossein Erfani
327th in 2.40.10.

At the Chase The Sun Olympic Park 10K Tracy Stratford finished in 119th place
out of 356 finishers in 46.46.

At the Sundowner Half Iron Triathlon at Allerthorpe, near York, a 1.9km open
water swim, 90km bike ride, 21km run, Andy Ramage finished in 156th place out of
380 finishers in 5.33.14, a PB by an amazing 36min and Holly Nairn was 221st in
5.49.29, a PB by an even more amazing 43min.

At the 5th and final race in the Stortford Tri Mid-Week Aquathlon Series, a 750m
open water swim and 5k run, Andrew Kitson finished in 5th place out of 30
finishers in 33.44, Darren Tiley 7th in 36.38, Julia Gardiner 11th in 38.59,
Holly Nairn 13th in 39.19, Anna Robey 18th in 40.41, Louise Kedge 22nd in 43.01
and Janice Page 26th in 45.48.
Over the 5 race series Holly Nairn finished as 1st Senior Female, Anna Robey 2nd
Senior Female and Andrew Kitson 2nd Vet 40.

At Harlow parkrun Ben Chitiyo was 1st finisher out of 143 finishers in 19.52. He
was followed home by Martin Westley 5th in 21.35, Ryan Smith 8th in 21.55, Terry
Ridge 10th in 22.03, Paul Dixon 20th in 23.40, Graham Saville 31st in 24.44,
Spencer Brooks 48th in 27.27, Debby Barry 51st in 27.48, Louise Cootes 54th in
27.58, Austin Nyamande 68th in 28.57, Alan Wellbelove 86th in 30.51 and Sara
Coombe 139th in 46.46 (PB).

At the Windermere parkrun in Cumbria Daniel Jephcott finished in 2nd place out
of 194 finishers in 18.43.

At Hatfield Forest parkrun Owen Haigh finished in 3rd place out of 298 finishers
in a PB time of 18.27, Alan Broughton was 16th in 20.00, Justin Patten 86th in
25.21, David Page 108th in 26.40 and Janice Page 114th in 26.58.

At Finsbury parkrun Andrew Kitson finished in 115th place out of 383 finishers
in 23.03 and Paul Schroder was 118th in 23.12.

At the Princes parkrun in Liverpool Pushpa Mistry finished in 170th place out of
310 finishers in a PB time of 28.31.

At the Serpentine 2 mile open water swim Andrew Kitson finished in 81st place
out of 1580 finishers in 52.48, Carmen Byfield 384th in 1.02.35, Nick D’Alton
423rd in 1.03.30, Darren Tiley 637th in 1.08.11, Paul Schroder 906th in 1.13.34
and Michael Gornall 1018th in 1.16.53.

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