Hockey: Harlow Ladies go close against Forest

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Harlow Hockey Club Match Reports 23/09/2017

Harlow Ladies 1s Vs Waltham Forest 2s

Saturday the 23rd September saw Harlow Ladies 1s debut into the new season against Waltham Forest 2s. With a combination of old and new players, Harlow quickly gelled and made their mark on the opposition. Some spectacular link-ups from A.Shearman in Centre Back to B.Spencer and N.Longden in Centre Midfield allowed L.Green to have some early attempts at goal. Due to the oppositions highly skilled keeper, Green was denied the goal.However from some gaps in midfield and Harlow missing a player in the first half, Forest were able to break through and open the score board. Although this was quickly turned around from a fantastic ball from Johnson-Marshall to B.Spencer to Green who slotted the ball in the top left corner, unsaveable by the keeper and leveling the score to 1-1. The opposition bounced back but were denied further goals by defenders and keeper, Hay who cannot be faulted for the several incredible saves on show. However, the ball found Harlow’s foot in the D and awarded Waltham Forest a penalty corner. The sheer power of the opposition unfortunatley pushed the ball across the line and brought the score to 2-1. Half time came and after a rather interesting team talk from J.Castle and L.Green, it was time to get back out there.

Harlow bounced back and a wonderful ball from A.Shearman through to N.Londen found L.Green at the top of the D 1:1 with the keeper. Green fooled the keeper and the ball found the back of the Waltham Forest net, levelling the score to 2-2. Waltham Forest took advantage of Harlow’s tiring left midfield and broke through to Harlows half. The skilled tactics of Waltham Forest found the ball in the back of Harlows net after a tireless battle between the two teams. Some excellent use of the wings by H.Leach and R.Antrobus saw the ball out of Harlow’s territory and into the attacking D. L.Maynard, J.Castle and L.Green tirelessley fought to level the score but it wasn’t to be with the final score 3-2 to Waltham Forest.

The Ladies 1s hope to gain 3 points next week against Havering and for the rest of the season!!!

Romy Antrobus Ladies First Team

Harlow Ladies 2’s vs Colchester Ladies

Saturday the 23rd, Harlow Ladies first official game of the season. With a combination of old and new players, Harlow got a full team of 11 players onto the pitch. For the vast majority of the team, this was one of the first matches back in action and the team has had a few changes over the summer, however spirits and excitement were high! After a warm up and team talk the team began strong, holding an extremely strong defence with N.Donaghey creating a barrier that was hard to break, along with the support of J.Walker and M.Dudson. In addition, we had many breaks through the middle assisted by the centre midfields. Using the width as an advantage, a lot of play took place around the edges of the pitch which the oppositions found harder to defend, which was tactfully played by E.Askwith and E.Barbone. When the ball made it into our attacking half we had some extremely close chances at goal, carried out by L.Evans in the middle, and with the help of L.Purdie who maintained a great space on the left and E.Addison-Smith who supported and made some great runs on the right. Despite Harlow’s efforts, Colchester were determined and made some unlucky, but skilful breaks through our defence which resulted in a 5-0 loss in the first half. However, this all changed in the 2nd half, when Harlow began to work in a new way together showing the strength of their teamwork, and the team really gelled. We were straight off of the mark and they were not going to score easily especially due to our incredible goalie M.Marnell who did not make it easy and made some great saves through the duration of the match.

With this motivation, M.Dilloway and S.Alderson made a break through the middle toward the goal along with L.Evans assistance. The ball made it into the D and caught a foot of a Colchester defender awarding Harlow with a short corner. It was taken by S. Alderson, received by M.Dilloway, however well stopped by the defenders. Harlow thought that the chance had been lost but miraculously managed to keep the ball in the D and with the incredible touch towards the goalie by E.Addison-Smith and finish by S.Alderson, Harlow gained their first goal. This lifted Harlows spirits and everyone was ready to fight back, this meant that we strengthened our defence and prevented the ball from entering for a while.

But with Colchester’s frustration they managed to score 2 more goals that were lucky breaks around the sides. As the match was coming to an end, everyone on the pitch began to tire and when the two minutes to go time was announced, Colchester utilised our tiredness to their advantage and managed to achieve one more goal.

The final score was 8-1 but Harlow played and battled well, and now it is only onwards and upwards. The way in which the team came together in the 2nd half was promising and for that reason we are excited to see what is to come this season.

Maia Dilloway, Ladies Second Team Player of the match

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