Princess Alexandra becomes smoke free on Sunday

Health / Thu 28th Sep 2017 at 01:44pm

PAHT becomes smoke free in October

Sunday marks the start of Stoptober – the month when people are helped to give up smoking. Tying in with this, Princess Alexandra Hospital will be going smoke-free across the site from this Sunday, 1 October, as a means of preventing the effects of smoking on patients, staff and the community.

With the start of Stoptober, Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust (PAHT) is sending the message: “The hospital is promoting the health benefits of a smoke-free environment, and we will help you to give up for good by signposting you to the various services available to support you.”

The decision was taken following a consultation with patients, visitors and staff. A smoke free site means no smoking will be permitted anywhere on the hospital grounds. There will be signs and staff to remind people that the site is smoke-free. During the week of Monday 2 October through to Friday 6 October, there will be a stand with advice and information to help people to quit. It will be located by the restaurant in the main building between 10am-12pm and 1-3pm.

Dr Samir Naik, Respiratory Consultant, PAH said: “The harmful effect of smoking and second hand smoke is well documented. The measure to make Princess Alexandra Hospital smoke free is a positive step towards creating a healthier environment on our site for all.”

The trust has addressed the ongoing concerns from staff, visitors and patients that smoking in the grounds and close to the main entrance is both unhealthy and unpleasant. Complaints have also been received regarding the amount of litter from discarded cigarette stubs. A survey was held during the summer months, for local public to voice their opinion and while there was a mixed response, the general consensus was to go smoke free at PAHT.

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