Athletics: Harlow Running Club tiptoe through the Tiptree 10

Athletics / Tue 10th Oct 2017 at 01:35pm

Royal Parks

HARLOW Running Club fielded 14 runners at the Tiptree 10 Mile race, near
Colchester, on Sunday morning. First home was Craig Segal, in his debut at the
distance, finishing in 17th place out of 419 finishers in a superb 1hr 02min
04sec. He was followed by Adrian Fell 44th in 1.08.43, Sharon Wright 45th and
2nd Female in 1.08.47, Martyn Coulter 50th in 1.09.29 (PB), Darren Tiley 56th in
1.10.34, Ryan Smith 75th in 1.13.18, Carinne Jay 77th and 2nd Female Vet 45 in
1.13.31, Paul Schroder 104th in 1.16.41, John Tennant 105th in 1.16.42, Andy
Bradley 116th in 1.18.05, Debbie Barry 189th and 2nd Female Vet 55 in 1.24.59,
Martin McColgan 192nd in 1.25.02, Wendy Schroder 234th in 1.28.43 and Andy
Kinney 357th in 1.46.10.

Meanwhile at the Chester marathon Rich Hynes finished in 140th place out of 2644
finishers in an excellent 2.59.10.

At the Bournemouth Marathon Jason Haigh finished in 555th place out of 2034
finishers in 3.58.21. At the Bournemouth Half Marathon Dionne Jones finished in
546th place out of 3988 finishers in 1.42.05.

At the York Marathon Paul Watts finished in 2317th place out of 4139 finishers
in 4.29.22.

At the Royal Parks Half Marathon, taking in Hyde Park, Green Park, St James’s
Park and Kensington Gardens, Kerry Mavris finished in 3331st place out of 16,455
finishers in a PB trime of 1.49.01. Janice Page was 5876th in 1.57.40, Pushpa
Mistry 8838th in 2.08.00 (PB), Kim Wookey 14,018th in 2.33.29 and Louise Peacock
14,834th in 2.41.40.

At the Wimple Estate Half Marathon, a multi-terrain race on a National Trust
property in Cambridgeshire, Sean Flynn finished in 102nd place out of 310
finishers in 1.52.59.

At the Great Eastern Half Marathon at Peterborough Holly Nairn finished in
1840th place out of 4183 finishers in 1.58.22.

At the Shoreditch 10K Louise Shury, in her debut for the club, finished in
3504th place out of 4092 finishers in 1.04.45.

Several runners took park in various parkrun 5K events on Saturday morning.
At Harlow parkrun Martin Westley finished in 4th place out of 166 finishers in
21.24. He was followed home by Terry Ridge 13th in 22.38, John Bull 14th in
22.44, Paul Schroder 18th in 23.30, Spencer Brooks 20th in 23.44, Graham Saville
29th in 24.52, Paul Dixon 30th in 24.56, Chris McCarthy 35th in 25.23, Catherine
Ridge 41st in 25.55, Debbie Barry 44th in 26.04, Robin Lozeau 52nd in 26.46,
Jeff Mace 54th in 26.50 (PB), Wendy Schroder 61st in 27.35, Hossein Erfani 80th
in 29.49, Terasa Holden 117th in 34.11, Alan Wellbelove 118th in 34.12 and Sara
Coombe 156th in 47.04.

At Hackney Marshes parkrun Afewerk Rossom was 1st finisher out of 234 finishers
in a PB time of 15.56 and Danny McCree was 15th in 18.25, also a PB.

At Windermere parkrun in Cumbria Daniel Jephcott finished in 3rd place out of
245 finishers in 19.19.

At Bishop’s Stortford parkrun Justin Patten finished in 47th place out of 288
finishers in 22.51 and Brenda Clayton was 167th in 29.21.

At Fareham parkrun in Hampshire David Morley finished in 30th place out of 180
finishers in a PB time of 23.12.

At Ware parkrun Sean Flynn finished in 21st place out of 71 finishers in 23.57
and Darren Rautenbach was 36th in 29.00.

At Wanstead Flats parkrun Brendon MacClean finished in 62nd place out of 190
finishers in 24.45.

At Chelmsford parkrun Louise Cootes finished in 207th place out of 607 finishers
in 25.53 and Martyn Coulter was 208th in 25.54.

At Hertford parkrun Holly Nairn finished in 110th place out of 268 finishers in

At the Gunpowder parkrun in Waltham Abbey Austin Nyamande finished in 82nd place
out of 167 finishers in 28.11.

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