Hockey: Harlow Ladies put up a great defence

Sport / Tue 10th Oct 2017 at 05:08pm

Hockey 2nds

Harlow Ladies 2s Vs Old Loughts 5s

HARLOW’S Ladies 2s played a stunning match against Old Loughts. The game started strong with a full team of old and new members and with both teams being young, they were equally matched in ability making it an exciting match to play.

The game started well with N.Donaghey and M.Lucas in centre back and I.Johnstone, J.Walker and E.Askwith in defensive midfield. This created a strong defensive barrier giving Harlow a better chance of reducing the shots on goal.

Adding to the defence was keeper, M.Marnell who made some great kicks out, stopping many goals along the way.

This gave Harlow more chances of pushing the play up into the oppositions half of the pitch. With L.Owen, E.Barbone and H.Owen using some great tactical skills to get around the opposition and M.Dudson, L.Evans and L.Addison-Smith producing some strong passes into the D, Harlow gained many opportunities to place pressure onto the Loughts side.

Unfortunately, due to good defence from the opposition, no goals were possible. Harlow kept fighting and led to a 0-0 draw. Overall, Harlow played a fantastic game with a clean sheet and some great attempts on goal from the forwards.

Maddie Lucas Ladies 2s

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