Mike Steel: Cleaning up Moorfield and helping his neighbours

News / Fri 13th Oct 2017 at 11:38am

Mike Steel

MOORFIELD resident Mike Steel seems like a bit of a throwback. Infact, we spent a lot of time in his flat talking about his early days in Shoreditch. However, here in Harlow, in 2017, Mike is going about his business as a good neighbour.

Mike felt the powers that be, were dragging their heels in cleaning the steps outside his block of flats. So, the 65-year-old former butcher, took matters into his own hands and cleaned up a number of fronts in the block.

He has gone onto Facebook, to make his feelings known about the council (s) so we thought we would go down to Moorfield and chat to Mike.

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4 Comments for Mike Steel: Cleaning up Moorfield and helping his neighbours:

2017-10-13 21:09:38

Just had letter from council telling me I can,t do anymore cleaning. Or put up few Xmas decorations and a tree in the enterance. All the tenants wanted Xmas Dec,s up thought it brighten up the place as well as making the block pleasant to live in. They sent a guy round ,well could not understand a word he was talking about. So it,s back to the way council cleaned or tried to clean. No DOUGHT there be more to come on this story... You don,t mess with EASTENDERS. And win.

2017-10-13 21:24:29

Just a bit more to my story. I also swept the pavement the length of the block and when the road was clear I scraped the gutter of the road a long the pavement then swept the road .The bin area around the back of the block had never been swept then wash down so one day I did it. Pulled bins out swept the floor then couple hot buckets of disinfected water washed the area out. Then when it dried put bins back. I bought broom, bucket, trowel ,shears to cut back the bushes that were over lapping the pavement, gloves all out my pension. Over the years people have lost that pride in most things and there own environment.

2017-10-13 21:50:50

Over the years people have lost that pride in most things and there own environment,end quote.and that is the problem in a nutshell but i take my hat off to you sir,well down.

2017-10-16 14:49:56

once again today 16th oct, my feelings about having good neighbourly spirit come in handy again. young mum on the top floor locked herself out. mate next door tried with wire to open door but could not. she said her mums got key, asked her where she was ,she said at work over other side harlow, so with out hesitation got her in my car went and got her mums key. job done no problem .

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