UKIP councillor defends comments on “Harlow homes for Harlow people”

Politics / Sun 29th Oct 2017 at 01:29pm

Dan Long Oct

SINCE he was elected in May 2014, UKIP councillor for Bush Fair, cllr Dan Long, has often made reference to “Harlow homes for Harlow people”.

Earlier this week, we published a story regarding new affordable homes for sale or rent off Commonside Road in Harlow.

Sure enough, cllr Long immediately commented: Cllr Long said: “The people of Harlow, who are on the waiting list, should be given priority for affordable housing here in Harlow and not the overflow of London.

“If this is not the case then this is proof that the administration party Labour party and the main opposition party are not listening to the concerns of the number one priority, which is the people of Harlow”.

So, we asked cllr Long if he had any proof that this was or was not the case. He has, after all, been a councillor for nearly four years and we would have hoped that he may have investigated the matter.

Cllr Long said: “When you are out and about as much as I am, in amongst the people of Harlow. That is how to get the best information you need especially regarding housing matters.

“I have been informed by some Harlow residents that themselves or a family member have been on the Harlow waiting list for over 10 years.

“95% of residents who I have spoken to can not be wrong.

Regarding housing people from London. It was all over the news recently that London residents are being rehoused in the towns on the outskirts of London, far away from their families and friends.

“So what proof does the Harlow administration party have that Harlow is not one of them towns?”

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8 Comments for UKIP councillor defends comments on “Harlow homes for Harlow people”:

2017-10-29 17:09:39

We are all victims of a speculative housing system that prioritises homes for sale, whether you are from Harlow, Hackney or Hungary. UKIP's 2017 manifesto provides only for the sale of modular homes where you will need a 10% deposit. Land values are high because of the few who own the bulk of the land: Kevin Child discovered in 2002 found that two-thirds of UK registered land was owned by just 189,000 families. Making the working class buy property when they don't have a reliable income and when construction companies are deliberately failing to meet demand to maximise their profits will not solve the housing crisis. It will likely create another sub-prime mortgage collapse of the banks. Nor will blaming your fellow worker from Hackney or Hungary solve this issue. The only solution is what happened after WWII - a large scale council housing programme. The only party that will diver this is the Labour Party. All that Cllr Dan Long can deliver is the blame game, just like Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists in the 1930's. And we know from Your Harlow that Cllr Long welcomed fascist Eddy Butler in for tea.

2017-10-30 11:13:35

I am afraid Cllr Long should do his research. The regeneration of The Briars will double the number of properties on the site and because it is on land owned by the council, the council will have nomination rights to the social housing - after all, it has had to rehouse all those people who lived there, causing an even bigger strain on the council's housing needs register. He may be confused with other developments in the town where former office blocks have been converted to privately rented flats and do not require planning permission. There are the premises on River Way which I understand is taking people both from Harlow and elsewhere. And no, no government over the last twenty tears has built enough houses, hence the big squeeze on both owned and rent properties.

2017-10-30 11:39:17

I returned to my home town of Harlow 11 years ago and have never seen someone so passionate about the people of Harlow and the needs of Harlow residents as much as Cllr Long, he has always put Harlow residents first. I have seen a lot from the people of Harlow from other parties assault, abuse and even lie to the people of Harlow, this town used to be such a nice town with a great community, even I was a victim to some of the abuse made by the other candidates. All I am trying to say is instead of slating a guy for trying to make Harlow great again maybe work with him isn't that what this community needs? Well said Cllr Long, I hope others can see that you have a heart of gold and are acting in Harlow residents best interests.

2017-10-30 15:27:27

@ Harlow TUC. I suggest that you get some facts and truths correct before extolling the fantasy world of the socialists. Blair allowed how many into the country from here, there and anywhere ? And, to this, day nobody can give an answer to how many did come in, or dependent relatives too. The billions that labour has cost us because of the P F I scandal is beyond ones imagination. socialists, huh, couldn't organise the proverbial in a brewery.

2017-10-31 07:36:53

Lifelong fascist Eddy Butler, a former Harlow parliamentary candidate for the far-right BNP and English Democrats, had this to say in 2015 about Cllr Dan Long sharing his values: "I had a long chat with him (Dan) about politics and we agreed on many issues." Straight from a fascists mouth. In case you doubt this, check this Your Harlow link: http://www.yourharlow.com/2015/04/16/english-democrat-candidate-thanks-ukip-for-signing-nomination/comment-page-1/

2017-10-31 09:47:13

Dan does work hard for his ward but occasionally he misses some important information. From a Harlow Council newsletter to all staff and councillors last week: "The £71m regeneration of the The Briars, Copshall Close and Aylets Field (BCA) estates is a joint partnership between the Council, Countryside and Home Group. Last Friday (20 October 2017) the Chair of the Council, Councillor Sue Livings and the Portfolio Holder for Housing, Councillor Mark Wilkinson, were joined by colleagues from our Regeneration and Housing Teams and representatives from Countryside and Home Group to celebrate this milestone. This project will provide a total of 343 new homes, comprising 143 private sale homes, 165 affordable homes for rent and 35 shared ownership homes, across three phases. By the end of Phase 1 in March 2018, 53 affordable homes will be provided at Atelier, with a further 98 affordable homes completed by the end of 2019 and the remaining 49 in spring 2020. Some of the affordable homes will go to Council tenants who want to move back onto the estate. All other affordable homes for rent will be allocated to local people on the Harlow Housing Needs Register. The first homes to be allocated are a mixture of 3 and 2-bed houses and 2 and 1-bed flats. The multi-million pound redevelopment also provides new green spaces, new landscaping, roads, parking, improved cycle and pedestrian routes, a new community centre, as well as training opportunities during the construction process for local people.

2017-11-04 16:33:04

A few things crop up from this article. 1) Why the author hid behind the tag "staff reporter", can't they put their name to their work? 2) Harlow_TUC work likewise, although it reads as the usual twaddle from David Forman. A man who throws out the words facist and racist with abandon whilst forgetting he attacked a black UKIP activist, and received support from UKIP over the Bedroom Tax, yet continues to write garbage about the party. Producing leaflets that never appear in Labour Election Expense returns. The fact is different parties do agree on certain issues, whether he and his colleagues like it or not!

2017-11-04 16:44:05

As regards the Housing issue. It has become the number one issue in the South East. Yet again the TUC fail to acknowledge that in the last two General Elections the UKIP housing policy won numerous comments that it was the only party policy that attempted to deal with the issue. Labour had 13 years in Government between 1997-2010 and didn't built a single Council House. Something I pointed out as the UKIP General Election Candidate. The long overdue regeneration projects should help long term as Simon Carter rightly says, but put temporary increased pressure on the housing list whilst current residents are rehoused. Dan Long has rightly pointed out how London authorities have advertised Harlow as a place for their residents to move to. This has long been the case, and it is right to expose it. Just as we in UKIP did with new properties in Harlow being advertised in China and Russia - as much of London's new properties have been. This issue needs cross party working to find a solution, and yes, the TUC is right to point out UKIP have suggested looking closer at modular housing, an idea popular in Scandinavia. Frankly nothing should be ruled out. But surely a return to a points system to prioritize Harlow Residents should be the first step!

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