Gymnastics: Medal galore for Harlow at Gems challenge

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MEDALS galore at the 2017 DGA Gems challenge in Colchester for Harlow Gymnastics Club. Gymnasts from London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire entered the tournament where Emerald was the top level followed by Amethyst, Amber, Topaz and Ruby.

Competing in the Emerald Challenge in their corresponding age events: Joanne Barylski earned gold medals for vault, beam and Range & Conditioning (R&C); Summer Dolan (9) won a gold medal on tumble, silver on beam and bronze on vault and bars; Halle Andrews Clarke (17) gained gold on trampette as well as bronze for tumble and R&C; Kacey Butler (11) collected the gold for tumble and, Florrie Gee (12) acquired gold on bars. Also in the Emerald, Olivia Collier (16) gained silver medals on all 6 disciplines; Taylah Andrews Clarke (17) secured a bronze on trampette; Amy Gosden (13) placed 4th on beam and Shannah Stacey (11) accomplished a bronze for tumble, bringing the medals total to twenty.

A further twelve medals in the Amethyst Challenge: Charlotte Brough (15) triumphed with gold on vault, silver for bars and tumble, and bronze on beam; Brooke Walker (13) gained gold on tumble and silver on vault and Connie Allen (9) collected gold on tumble. Liberty Miller (12) scooped 3 silver medals on bars, beam and tumble; Beth Porter (12) secured bronze on trampette and Alex Gronert (9) achieved bronze on vault. Narrowly missing out on medals, Scarlett Baldock (13) placed 5th on trampette; Aimee Cullen (9) placed 4th on bars and beam, and teammate Mia Brine (9) placed 4th on tumble. Ellie Aimable (9) placed 6th on beam and trampette in the topaz challenge.
The Amber Challenge collected eighteen medals for Harlow gymnasts: Millie Upton (13) attained gold on beam and R&C as well as bronze on trampette; Miley Bex (8) achieved gold on tumble, silver for trampette and bronze on bars; Mia Fuller (9) won gold on R&C and bronze for trampette and tumble, and Amy Abery (8) gold on bars. Lois Covill (7) gained silver on beam and R&C; Eliza Swanepoel (9) earned silver on vault; Emily Pask (7) secured silver on bar; Grace Hoskin (8) obtained bronze on bars and trampette; Louisa Akers (12) and Lily Gray (11) each gained a bronze on floor and trampette respectively.

Just out of medal contention, both Skye Girolami (9) and Calleigh Brownjohn (8) placed 4th on R&C; Kara Mcmahon (9) and Honey Gillick (9) placed 4th on bars and vault respectively, Lucie Mcintyre (10) and Evie Lees (10) placed 4th & 5th on trampette respectively, Harriet Pask (7) and Libby Chung (9) both placed 7th on vault whilst Brooke Hayzelden (9) placed 8th.

Seventeen medals more in the Ruby Event: Genna Lee (6) triumphed with gold medals on beam, bars and R&C as well as silver on vault; Darcey Fallis (5) won gold medals on beam and bars as well as silver on vault; Grace Quick (7) secured gold on R&C and silver on beam, and Laura Wator (6) achieved gold on vault and silver on bars. A silver on trampette and a trio of bronze for Milana Lawrence (7) on beam, tumble and trampette; Millie Allen (6) earned bronze on R&C and Lola Mccart Greaves (6) collected bronze on vault. Close to the podium for Milli Battelley (6) and Lacie Rita (7) who placed 4th on vault and tumble respectively, Renee Moon-Firth (6) and Nina Robinson (7) who both placed 4th on beam, Renee Stewart (7) achieved two 6th places and Lila Brown (7) gained two 8th places.

Harlow Coach Belinda Macintosh said, “We are so proud of all our gymnasts, their hard work and talent allowed them to shine and bring back nearly 70 medals for the club”

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