Athletics: Coulter flies homes in Bass Belle

Athletics / Tue 28th Nov 2017 at 03:26am


SEVERAL Harlow Running Club members took part in the Bass Belle 10 Mile race at
Bassingbourn near Royston, so named because Bassingbourn was the wartime home
base of the famous Memphis Belle Flying Fortress bomber. Martyn Coulter was
first home in 27th place out of 368 finishers in an excellent personal best time
for the distance (PB) of 1hr 08min 39sec. He was followed by Sharon Wright 33rd
and 2nd Female Vet 35 in 1.09.50, Adrian Fell 35th in 1.10.25, Nick Warren 37th
in 1.10.39, Andy Ramage 63rd in 1.14.51 (PB), Paul Schroder 69th in 1.15.35
(PB), Martin Elven 202nd in 1.27.30, Wendy Schroder 207th in 1.27.55 and Paul
Watts 230th in 1.29.58.

Meanwhile at the Hatfield 5 Mile race Danny McCree finished in 54th place out of
569 finishers in a superb 30.36, Ryan Smith was 96th in 32.46 (PB), Nick D’Alton
156th in 35.39 (PB), Jim Bates 243rd and 1st Vet 70 in 39.54 and Mark Ramsey
250th in 40.29.

At Harlow Parkrun Ben Chitiyo finished in 5th place out of 136 finishers in
20.52. He was followed home by Ryan Smith 6th in 20.53, Mark Moulds 14th in
23.38, Terry Ridge 18th in 23.55, Catherine Ridge 22nd in 24.17, Graham Saville
27th in 24.49, Spencer Brooks 29th in 25.01, Alan Cootes 34th in 26.12, Jim
Bates 35th in 26.25, Louise Kedge 39th in 26.54, Gail Nichols 40th in 26.55,
Peter Ayling 41st in 26.56, Laura Prime 42nd in 26.58 (PB), Wendy Schroder 55th
in 28.21, Louise Cootes 58th in 28.42, Paul Schroder 69th in 29.13, Martyn
Coulter 71st in 29.25, Austin Nyamande 81st in 30.32, Alan Wellbelove 92nd in
32.01 and Louise Peacock 94th in 33.23 (PB).

At Hartlepool parkrun Daniel Jephcott finished in 5th place out of 74 finishers
in 18.28 (PB), Jamie Jephcott was 14th in 21.46 and Laura Jephcott 58th in

At Hackney Marshes parkrun Danny McCree finished in 19th place out of 248
finishers in 18.29, Martin Westley was 35th in 19.38 (PB) and Liz Roberts 209th
in 29.52 (PB).

At Bishop’s Stortford parkrun Justin Patten finished in 42nd place out of 265
finishers in 22.43, David Morley was 67th in 24.17, Jason Haigh 89th in 25.30,
Holly Nairn 96th in 25.45 and Joanne Mills 195th in 31.00.

At the Gunpowder parkrun at Waltham Abbey Paul Dixon finished in 30th place out
of 172 finishers in 24.03.

At Ware parkrun Sean Flynn finished in 18th place out of 49 finishers in 25.04.

At Hertford parkrun David Page finished in 86th place out of 237 finishers in
26.23 and Janice Page was 109th in 27.17.

At Swindon parkrun Brenda Clayton finished in 246th place out of 415 finishers
in 29.47.

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