What do Harlow residents think? Co-op sells food after their best before date

News / Tue 5th Dec 2017 at 08:38am

Co Op

By Alfie Baker

THE Co-op has announced that all 125 East-Anglia stores will be continuing to sell dried and tinned food after their best before date for a flat rate of just 10 pence.

It is predicted to stop over 50,000 items from going to waste each and every year.

They successfully trialled this method in 14 stores for three months with the slogan “Don’t be a binner, have it for dinner.”

We asked two Harlow residents and how they felt about it:

Paul Stevens from Barleycroft said: “Well I’m quite happy with it… if they’re going to sell it cheap I’d find it okay to go in there and buy the stuff… I don’t know whether a lot of people would, but I’m not too bothered.”

“Probably better to give it to charity, but then if it goes past its sell-by date, then charities might not take it from them.

When asked about their slogan he said: “I don’t know, they can try it. whether it’s going to work because, certain people are going to buy it, such as people that goto food banks, but then the food banks they get for nothing anyway”

“If people aren’t working and they’re on minimum wage then maybe there the type of people that’ll buy it… sometimes I go into Tesco and buy things off the cheap shelf.”

Bambo Komolafe another Harlow Resident stated: ” I think its a good idea because I’m aware of how much food goes to waste, obviously they’re making the most of what they have.”

Though these residents agree not everyone will, what do you think?

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