How will Harlow drivers adapt to new driving test rules?

News / Thu 7th Dec 2017 at 06:58am

By Alfie BakerDriving Lessons

THE government has announced new changes to the way driving test are performed with four new major changes; these include:

1) Independent driving time will increase from 10 minutes to 20 minutes as people found this time in the test very valuable.
2) Following directions from a sat nav as it is shown 52% of drivers now use them: the test has been updated for the modern era of mobiles and sat nav, a TomTom 52 will be provided by the examiner and the examiner will set the route. It does not matter if you go wrong as long as you do not make a fault while doing it.
3) Reversing around a corner will no longer be tested but will still be taught, this should save hours of testing for both the tester and the person learning to drive.
4) Answering vehicle safety questions while driving, this not only tests your driving and concentration abilities but actually how much theory you know.

The pass mark, length of test and cost will all stay the same.

This has caused a lot of controversy, causing up to 2000 striking doing a 48-hour strike by the Public and Commercial Services Union, affecting a potential 14,500 tests.

The union wants the new tests to be suspended saying they are concerned about health and safety and would like to have a full safety and testing review.
They also don’t want to force longer hours on the drivers themselves, especially for no extra money.

Though some people agree with the new tests, a survey from the government showed that on average out of 3900 people asked 79% agreed with the new tests.

Someone else who also agreed was Harlow driving instructor Lee Webber.

Lee said: “I agree with changes needing to be made. You teach people to drive and they can do as they have been told but they’re not very good at adapting to situations”

When asked what he would change or implement the current system, Lee said: “It’s hard to create a real-life situation in a test, so that’s what they’re aiming to do. I believe they should do re-testing because you can only take so much information all at once.

“You should get the opportunity to go away and cement what you’ve learnt.”

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