UKIP MEP for Harlow slams Theresa May’s “national humiliation”

Politics / Fri 8th Dec 2017 at 10:58am

UKIP’s Cllr Tim Aker MEP said: “Today we find out that the European Court of Justice will be governing us for at least 10 years after we leave the EU. The national humiliation continues. Theresa May has bound us to paying the EU’s bloody money.

“When the Government says there is no money to house the homeless, provide mental healthcare for returning service personnel and social care for the elderly, they somehow find £50 billion behind the sofa in Downing Street to hand over to Brussels.

“The Tories will always put party before country and this deal is just about keeping May in Downing Street rather than making Britain great again.

“Theresa May and the Tories never really wanted to leave the EU and now they are letting the EU govern us by stealth for the foreseeable future. This morning Tony Blair would feel really proud of Theresa May.”

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1 Comment for UKIP MEP for Harlow slams Theresa May’s “national humiliation”:

2017-12-08 21:06:54

Ukip reactionary Tim Akers is wrong on four points, plus a hypocrite on another. Point 1 on European Court of Justice: paragraph 37 of the negotiators joint report says: "The Agreement establishes rights for both UK citizens living in the EU and EU citizens in the UK." So it does not mean "governing us" as in everyone in the UK. Point 2 on longevity of European Court of Justice: it is not 10 years but 8 years as specified in paragraph 38. Point 3 on "£50 billion behind the sofa. The Joint negotiators report does not mention £50 billion or any other sum, but at paragraphs 57 and 58a&b it says: "Both Parties have agreed a methodology for the financial settlement. This methodology consists of: a. a list of components; b. a set of principles for calculating the value of the financial settlement and payment modalities". However, speculation on BBC Radio 4 news guessed at an upper figure of £39 billion. Point 4 on "£50 billion behind the sofa" implies a lump sum which is wrong. Paragraph 67c says: "Payments arising from the financial settlement will become due as if the UK had remained a Member State. In particular, the UK will not be required to incur expenditures earlier than would be the case had it remained a Member State unless agreed by both sides." In relation to Tim Aker's and other EU staff pensions a note 9 at the bottom of page 11 says: "The UK’s share of the liability related to pension and other post-employment benefits for Union staff and staff from the European Defence Agency, the European Union Institute for Security Studies and the European Union Satellite Centre as established on 31 December 2020 will be paid when these amounts fall due." Tim Aker MEP is a complete hypocrite on caring for the homeless. He obviously needs reminding that the last Ukip manifesto had only one solution for the housing crisis, namely modular housing units for sale. One benefit of leaving the EU will be not having to correct the amateurish and inflammatory press releases from Ukip jokers who can't get their facts straight.

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