Harlow Council’s vision for the future passes first stage

News / Mon 11th Dec 2017 at 11:41am

PLANS outlining the future developments in Harlow for the next thirty years plus were recommended by the ruling Labour cabinet at Harlow Council on Thursday night.

In a marathon meeting, Harlow Council leader, cllr Jon Clepmner and portfolio holder cllr Danny Purton detailed that plans that could see a radical transformation of the town.

The plans look at Harlow on its own, in its partnership (s) with other areas such as East Herts and Epping as well its place in the London M11 Stansted corridor.

Cllr Purton told the chamber that there will be further consultation at a later date and will come forward to the full council for a vote in 2018.

You can see the whole item debated below.

Danny Purton

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3 Comments for Harlow Council’s vision for the future passes first stage:

2017-12-11 16:43:22

Perhaps Cllr Purton can tell me and everyone else in Harlow what consultation has already taken place and indeed what plans were agreed by the Council last week? Is this just another example of the Council trying to railroad things through without anyone having the chance to comment?

2017-12-12 07:47:33

Well said tenpin. These reds who run this council are no more than a bunch of weasels. Every plan or regulation that they engineer has to be carefully scrutinised, just in case, some devious scheme is concealed within. When it was put to them by the Tories, that this plan needed discussion, it all became a laughing matter to hide their embarrassment at being caught out. Vote Labour at your peril.

2017-12-14 23:07:35

I have tonight attended a meeting at Epping Forest District Council where Cllrs discussed it's Local Housing Plan. It is clear that many residents are unhappy at the prospect of loosing open spaces and Green Belt land to new housing developments. This includes thousands of houses on Harlow's borders. The report is the culmination of dozens of public meetings, seminars and other forms of consultation and the Chair of the above meeting warned that if a plan was not agreed by the end of March then the Government would step in and the housing numbers required would be upped by 75%. As far as I know Harlow Council has not carried out any consultation with residents, despite the deadline and we will face the prospect of even more new housing being built in the town without the badly needed infrastructure.

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