Harlow Conservative councillor launches campaign to repair footpaths

News / Tue 19th Dec 2017 at 06:40pm

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HARLOW Cllr Russell Perrin, has this week launched an online campaign to get Essex County Council to complete repairs to a footpath and Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) which ECC have said they will fix but nearly two years remain in disrepair. Cllr Perrin says “Lets be honest there are bigger issues to get worked up over, however I raise this petition on a matter of principle, Essex County Council have said they would do something and almost 2 years later they still haven’t – enough is enough”.

The petition relates to a stretch of pavement which runs along Parsloe Road connecting the Thurstans Estate to the Fennels Estate and the Great Parndon Nature Reserve. The path is in dire need of repair; the top surface of the pavement has completely eroded and contains multiple potholes. This path is the only one in and out of the Estate by foot. A number of elderly and disabled residents have to bump down into the road because they cannot walk on the path through fear of tripping or they cannot push their wheel chairs along it because they get stuck in the potholes or gravel. To make matters worse the VAS across the road installed to slow traffic along the road has been turned around and so no longer works. The VAS sign has been reported a number of times, 18 months later and several visits by ECC highways & still the sign is not sorted. Residents have tried to speak with ECC but have been met with a wall of silence. They have issued a formal complaint about the lack of response but have still received no answer.

Cllr Perrin says “Approximately two years ago residents raised this with ECC and seemed to be getting nowhere. About a year ago I was approached and asked if I could do something about this. ECC came and inspected the pavement and agreed to put it on their repair list. However instead of repairing the path six months later they replace perfectly good access ramps over the road instead. Bonkers! My ward colleagues Cllr Churchill, and Cllr Souter have also reported this issue a number of times but have met with the same problems. I have even gone to Twitter @CllrPerrin to raise this issue; a man called Martin from ECC asked for my reference number and subsequently has gone quiet!”

Cllr Perrin continues “I know ECC has a vast number of roads and paths to repair and budgets are very tight, however the point here is that ECC have said they will repair the pathway, so come on Essex, when will you Fix It. I shouldn’t have to set up an online petition over something you have already said you are going to do!”

If you would like to read more about the campaign and sign the online petition you can visit the following link: https://www.change.org/p/essex-county-council-essex-county-council-please-fix-it-like-you-promised

You can also follow the progress of the campaign on twitter @CllrPerrin

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