Harlow flat residents plea over faulty fire alarm: “We don’t want another Grenfell”

News / Wed 20th Dec 2017 at 10:00am

A HARLOW family fears for her and other families safety due to an ongoing problem with a faulty fire alarm.

Adams House is situated opposite the Subway and next to the Clockhouse pub in the Harlow Town Centre.

There are twenty seven flats in the block. At least over sixty residents including children.

According to resident, Kelly Tyler, the alarm has been faulty for months. The responsible Housing Association is the Homes Group.

As you will see from our interview, the alarm continues to ring and ring and ring. Kelly told us that now and again “someone comes out to fix it but it develops a fault soon after.”

Kelly has had a twitter exchange on December 14th (after publishing a video on social media) with Homes Group, who informed her that someone had visited the building.

We visited the building on Sunday December 17th and the alarm continued to ring and ring.

Residents also believe that youths gaining access to the building is also a potential hazard. The floor is littered with debris as well as drugs paraphenalia.

We contacted the named media manager for Homes Group but they are off at the moment. We attempted to contact their media centre via their website but all we got was pretty ambient music for several minutes.

We have contacted Harlow Council who, although not directly responsible, said they would look into it.

Portfolio holder, cllr Mark Wilkinson has been at the forefront of ensuring Harlow Council properties are safe.

We contacted Harlow MP, Robert Halfon who has also pledged to look into it.

We contacted Kelly Tyler this morning (Tuesday) and she told us the alarm was still faulty.

To be continued.

Adams Fire 2

Adams 1

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