Harlow Labour urge residents to sign petition against blood sports

News / Tue 26th Dec 2017 at 11:01am

HARLOW Labour Party are urging residents to sign a petition against blood sports.

They put the message out on Boxing Day, a day popular for hunts.

Fox hunting has been banned for several years.

The nearest hunt to Harlow is in Matching Green, just east of Harlow.

There are several “hunting areas” within the political constituency of Harlow.

A spokesperson for Harlow Labour said: There’s no room for blood sports in our society. Keep the pressure on the Tories and tell them fox hunting is not welcome back in the UK

“Ask your MP @halfon4harlowMP if he still supports such barbarism.”

“Sign….if you’re against animal cruelty.”


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3 Comments for Harlow Labour urge residents to sign petition against blood sports:

2017-12-26 13:36:09

Having had a flock of chickens killed by renard they should bring it back and kill the bloody things

2017-12-27 16:14:48

Harlow Reds are barking to the wrong tune. We've had six laying hens just killed and left in our garden by a local scavenging fox. Don't you people understand that they kill just for fun. Farm stock and pets are all in line where Mr Fox is concerned. Question; Why do you think they were originally hunted ? Badgers are just as bad spreading disease wherever they go. Down in the West country a survey result, just published, states that bovine TB, in cattle has drastically reduced since culling began. So, Mr RED, about time you learnt what actually goes on out here in the sticks before jumping onto emotional coat-tails. Vote LABOUR at your PERIL.

2017-12-29 07:57:02

Pathetic. They should concern themselves more with things that are in their control like providing public services and not raising our council tax every year.

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